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Game 4, Playoffs Round 1: Toronto Raptors @ Orlando Magic - Sunday, April 21st 7pm ET - TSN

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    Just watched the post-game interview with Norm & Kawhi. San Diego dudes looked good on and off the court today. The impression that I get is that Kawhi feels really at ease with his teammates. Pascal is the perfect teammate for him. A rising star that can take some of the load off him when needed, and yet still allow Kawhi to be comfortable and valued as the superstar player with the keys to the team. Kawhi praised Pascal (and Norm) a couple of times on the interview, and at least 3 times stressed how great of a collective effort it has been, one time commending different teammates individually by name on their good games.

    Norm went on to say how the ability of each teammates to step up for each other has always been there, something on the lines of "whether it's been due to injury, rest, or just a flu game, we've always been there for each other, and we also know that Kawhi is gonna close some games for us too". The sense that I get is the whole "load management" stuff is something that everyone on the team has been on board with, and Kawhi has been very appreciative of this.

    This locker room and team has been a tremendous environment for Kawhi compared to San Antonio. From coach, to medical staff, to teammates, to fans. I legit don't know if it's remotely possible for him to find this good of an environment anywhere else on the league. The harmony on this locker room has been a low-key, underrated, big time strength of this team. Everyone knows what to do, everyone is mature, everyone knows their role, there's no ego, no in-fighting, just a bunch of husky experienced guys paired with scrappy young guys all trying to win together. I feel they're gonna go places, and even if they don't, looks like they gonna go down fighting together.
    Definitely a ton of positive vibes to go around.

    But if I'm putting on my hyper-sensitive armchair psychologist hat, when asked about going back to ScotiaBank arena for game 5, Kawhi referred to the crowd as "those fans" opposed to "our fans".

    Could mean something....could mean nothing.