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Should we throw the Knicks game? Some math...

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    Superjudge wrote: View Post
    I guess.

    I, a fan, just want to see them whoop ass every time out. there can only be one way.
    Sure, I can agree with that.

    But also as a fan, I acknowledge that some teams present better matchups than others.


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      I mean mathematically it makes sense for us to throw the game. Although it doesn't actually guarantee us anything. Even if we lose the game, we could actually end up being in a "worse" position.

      Charlotte beats Chicago
      Boston beats Washington

      Then you're looking at:
      1.) Indiana
      2.) Miami
      3.) Toronto
      4.) Chicago
      5.) Brooklyn
      6.) Charlotte
      7.) Washington
      8.) Atlanta

      So then we get the "dreaded" Charlotte who we haven't beaten this year in the first round (and who have won 7 of their last 8), and we'd still be stuck playing Miami in round 2.

      Trying to lose to jockey for a particular playoff position is just dumb in my opinion unless your loss 100% guarantees you something. If it's still dependent on what other teams do (which it is in our case) then just play the damn game to win and let fate decide.

      If the Nets are actually "tanking" to try and play us, it will be very funny if a nightmare scenario happens for them where Washington and Chicago win tomorrow and we lose. Then they're stuck playing the Bulls in the first round, can't avoid Miami in the 2nd round, and go into the playoffs having lost 5 of their last 10 games.


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        I would hope that the starters never take a game off against anyone. I would also hope that Casey sits them when it's mathematically advantageous to do so.


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          on paper Nilanka.

          on paper.

          As an athlete, there is no room for this noise. Its not a healthy mindset.

          You are heading into the playoffs. If your goal is to win, you cannot, and do not look last your fist opponent.... nor do you worry if its this team or that team. And if you DO prefer one over the other , you sure s hell dont let that go public. Tanking to get a team is a sure fire way of letting the world know.

          I don't like it. every team is gonna be a battle. and to advance, you have to play winners from round one on anyhow..... there aren't "easy" match ups". Its a myth.... they dont exist in the playoffs.

          Teams all want at toronto because they have sucked forever and are young.
          Do we all agree? Should toronto even be there? Or are they capable of taking out anyone??

          Which is it?


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            If after careful analysis, the suits the run the Raptors conclude that there's a 25% chance of beating the Nets, and a 75% chance of beating the Wizards, wouldn't it be in the team's best interest (and the fans' best interest) to do what they can to position themselves up to face Washington? I made these numbers up, but you get the idea.

            I understand what you're saying about an athlete's competitive nature, and honour, etc. But nobody will be questioning the decision if we're one of the 8 teams left standing in 3 weeks.


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              I'm actually not sure why people want to play the Wizards over the Nets btw.

              The Nets are a terrible road team (16-24). We're 2-2 against them. The first loss was when we still had Gay. In the post-Gay era we're 2-1 against them. One of those wins was actually without DeRozan, and in the loss Ross, Val and especially DeMar all played like crap which is a very rare occurrence.

              I'm of the belief that the best player in a series usually wins the series. As much as basketball is a team sport, that's how things tend to work in the playoffs. Whichever team has the best player (not best player in general but best in that series) tends to win it. Imo, Lowry and DeRozan are better than anyone on the Nets. I can't really say the same for the Wizards because they have that guy John Wall. Normally, you could make a case that any one of those 3 (Lowry, DeMar, Wall) is the best player. But we all saw that last Wizards game. Wall is capable of elevating his game to a very high level, and he could do that in a series and just end up taking it over and beating us, I don't think Brooklyn has a player like that.


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                Well both are dangerous.

                Pierce can beat a team all on his own. Joe Johnson is a beast when motivated.

                So can Williams.

                But you're right wall can too.

                Point is. NONE of this matters..... a mathematically calculated 1.5% advantage means nothing at all. Nothing. Once that ball is in play, its the playoffs...... period.

                Toronto, its players, coaches and even fans should only have one focus, one care, one worry....and thats doing what THEY need to do, and thats Toronto taking care fo what THEY control.

                And thats it.


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