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Who is the Raptors playoff X-factor?

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    my main concern is patterson who SHOULD be our x-factor but has been rusty since his return from injury. salmons is actually looking a little better than he did when he returned from back issues too but that took a long while.

    i also dont like how patterson is pretty damn decent from downtown but has an inclination to airball at least once per game (not as embarrassing as novak airballing twice in MSG but ahh well)


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      I voted for JV, but I feel like either Ross or JV can be an X factor because opposing defenses are going to aim to shut down both Lowry and DD. JV and Ross will have the opportunity to step up..whether they grasp that opportunity or not is up to them.


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        planetmars wrote: View Post
        Isn't an X-Factor usually the guy that you don't really think of as the star of the team but makes the big plays when it counts? Well my vote goes to Amir.

        From grabbing an offensive board, setting a good screen to defending the paint. Amir's going to be the guy that steals a win or two in the playoffs.
        Yep. Don't know why people are saying kyle or demar.