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  • Magic Series Grades

    We usually see game to game grades but rarely do we see a series grade. I am going to post this here. I will post my own grades within the hour. Just wondering how everyone is feeling.

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    Kyle Lowry A-
    danny green B-
    Kawhi Leonard A
    Pascal siakam A
    marc gasol A

    Fred van vleet C-
    norman Powell B+
    Serge Ibaka B-

    nick nurse B+

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      Lowry: B+

      I want to give Lowry an A but I can't with his performance in the first game. He can't do this going forward. I don't think he will.

      Danny Green: C+

      His defence was great but his shot seems to have disappeared. I think he performed satisfactory.

      Kawhi: A-

      He had the flu game but other than that he has had a complete command over all of the games. His best game was the 4th game in my opinion. He had completely dominated the magic in every single way.

      Pascal: A+

      Siakam has been insane. He has beat expectations in every single way. He struggled a bit with the 3pt shot but overall I can't criticism the dude. He has been an absolute gamer. His best game was game 3. He had 30 points 11 Rebounds 0 turnovers and an efficient night when we couldn't rely on Kawhi. Had his Paul Pierce, "this is why they got me here" moment.

      Marc Gasol: A

      Defensively Marc gets an A+ from me. Offensively it is a B+. He helps the ball movement for sure but I like it when he puts the ball on the floor a bit more. I really want to see him in more pick and pop situations. He ate Vuc's lunch game in and game out. He really does an amazing job of quarterbacking both the offensive and defensive ends. My only gripe is he can score and i think he needs to be a little bit more aggressive at getting his offence. He looked like a vet and never looked shell shocked in any game. The entire game is different when he is in.

      Will post key contributors after


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        Scraptor: A


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          Ebonhawke wrote: View Post
          Scraptor: A
          Only one thing matters: We The Champs.


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            Lowry: B+
            Gasol: A (his D took Vukovic out, who was a Raptor killer in the regular season)
            Kawhi: A
            Siakam: A+
            Green: B

            Bench: B

            Overall a very good series... cant wait for PHilly


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              Lowry: A+: The engine of the team. We go as far as we go and we kicked Orlando's collective butts. I still don't think he was the reason we lost game 1. Sticking by that. He could have scored a couple of points, but whatever. He was a rock star this series.

              Kawhi: A+: Had one bad game but had the flu excuse. I'll take it. Just amazing stuff. Felt like we had Michael Jordan on our team for this run.

              Siakam: A: He was great.. and he was the guy I was worried the most for because of Isaac, but he was just steady as they come. Not quite a super star performance from him every night but was solidly consistent - hence the lower grade.

              Gasol: A: We primarily won because we shut down Orlando on defense. And Gasol was the mastermind of all that. Just calm/cool/collected. You knew the rim was safe when he was out there. The deflections, blocks, steals. The block on DJ was so fucking awesome tonight. Didn't really score much though. Plus didn't play as much as everyone else. Those two things knocked his score down a bit for me.

              Danny: B: Defense on DJ/Fournier was lights out. But he missed a lot of open 3's. Didn't need that but that was something he needs to improve on going forward.

              Serge: B+: Really quiet stud-like performance. He missed some shots. Made some bad plays here and there, but was the most consistent bench player we had. Gasol had foul trouble? No problem. Need a big block? No problem. Need a 3pt shot? No problem. Really impressed with Serge in round 1. He came to play.

              Powell: B-: He had more good games than bad games. A bit inconsistent at times. Defense on Ross was good when we needed it.

              Fred: C-: Just wasn't a good series for him. I'd say game 5 was his best. He did score 14 in game 1, but was a -16 or something. Just wasn't as steady as I would have liked. Hopefully it was just a bad matchup. But he could do better.

              Meeks: C+: I mean he had some nice veteran plays but overall not really that noticeable.

              Lin: F: Just bad.. really, really bad.

              Moreland: F: (See Lin)

              Miller: D-: Bad, but this is a bias grade. I want him back.. I still see potential in him.

              McCaw: D-: (see Miller)

              Nurse: A-: Didn't like the energy in game 1. Kawhi with 33 minutes. Kyle with 34. Those things should have been corrected. But putting Danny on DJ in the second half of game 1 was an excellent call. He was all over the refs. Made some great substitutions. Kept Lowry in with 3 fouls tonight. Likes Fred a little too much but that's okay. Better than Lin.


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                There has to be a grade lower than F specifically for Lin.

                -18 in only 12 minutes, shooting 33% from the field, and just 1 assist to go along with 4 turnovers.


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                  Why is anyone even bothering to grade the deep bench?

                  Lowry: A
                  Green: B
                  Kawhi: A+
                  Pascal: A+
                  Gasol: A
                  Fred: B-
                  Powell: A
                  Serge: A

                  All in all most guys did what they needed to do. Danny didnt shoot as well as we're used to seeing and Freddy wasn't so steady at times. Damn, OG would be nice going forward, could use him against the 6ers and ECF.


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                    I think Gasol deserves an A+. He did everything he was supposed to do. He played lock down defense. He made nice passes. He hit open threes all over the place and settled for less of a role on offense to fit in well with a team(this part is getting underrated or confused, can't or a failure to rise to the occasion wasn't the reason why he didn't do more on offense).


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                      Gasol is the superstar of glue guys for the Raptors this playoffs.


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                        Nice idea for a thread TrueTorontoFan. Series Grades are certainly more meaningful the game grades.

                        Lowry A+
                        At the start of game one Kyle was clearly overly anxious, but by the start of game five, he was in total command. This guy makes an astonishing number of winning plays.

                        Green B+
                        Had a hard time getting good shots, but that is partly being designated fourth or fifth option, partly the Magic playing him tight and partly his deferring a little too often. (three-point shooting percentage means nothing in a five game sample. If two more of Danny's shots had rattled in he would have shot 43%, same efficiency as the regular season.) His defense was relentless.

                        Leonard A
                        Kawhi's overwhelming physical play kept loads of pressure on the Magic defense (and, eventually, the referees.) However, I thought he occassionally took the team out of their offense, committed a few too many turnovers and threw some poor passes that led to problematic shots for teammates. Defense was good, although not as good as Gasol, Lowry or Green.

                        As good as Kawhi was he can, and should, be even better.

                        Siakam A
                        Love his enthusiasm. Lots of nice finishes around the basket. Occassional lapses due to inexperience and aformentioned enthusiasm. As usual, a TON of fun to watch

                        Gasol A+
                        I honestly had no idea Gasol was this good. Absolutely nullified Vucevic at both ends. And, without Vuc, the series outcome was a foregone conclusion.

                        I hated losing JV and Delon, but Gasol was really, really special in this series. If he keeps this up, I'll happily change my tune on the trade.

                        VanVleet C
                        Powell B+
                        Ibaka B+

                        We have an amazing starting five. Bring it on!


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                          Great article about our team


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                            Don't know if this was shared, but it's a good watch:


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                              Joey wrote: View Post
                              Don't know if this was shared, but it's a good watch:
                              this is awesome