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Game 1: Brooklyn Nets 94 - Toronto Raptors 87 (Nets 1-0)

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  • consmap wrote: View Post
    With the virginity finally gone, we should be able to confidently penetrate and finish when the next time comes around.
    You've got the seed of an idea here. When I see men pooling their efforts in a double pump to finally break through, I know an exciting climax is assured.


    • By the way:


      • Heh.....

        although there are other teams involved, I am not even remotely surprised that the Raps play tomorrow, and two other Saturday games go tonight..... Advantage, early in a series, for the Nets old as dirts..... yep, the other teams will have that gap...... AT THE END OF THE SERIES.

        its clear that getting to a young team early and often can derail them badly. So, take them out of rhythm with tick tacks in the first quarter, but keep the fouls shots even... (thats key). make sure old grizzles are rested for the critical opening games...... and by all means, put them whistles away in the fourth, the one quarter that the raps dominate with their willingness to get to the rim.

        Add to that a simple little time clock malfunction the theoretically wouldnt bother the 40 year olds, but would play havoc to kids already freaking out.....and there you have it, an air tight influence on a series that nobody can truly prove.

        Raps need to hurt someone.....bad..... broken hand for pierce.


        • Superjudge wrote: View Post
          ....Raps need to hurt someone.....bad..... broken hand for pierce.
          Have to call you out for this one. Asking for a Raptor to break Pierce's hand is a gross over reaction to the situation the team finds itself in. Pierce had a hot run in the fourth and doesn't deserve that kind of disrespect. I think a couple or three dislocated fingers on his shooting hand would be sufficient.


          • this guy...he gets it hahahahaha