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    The Bench

    I am wondering who on the bench is going to get burn time in game 1? It seems as if the last four to six games were an open audition for the coaches to see who was on (Vasquez, DeColo, Hansbrough) and who was not (Salmons, Patterson). Hayes was Hayes. Will Coach Casey shorten the bench, or try to use fresh legs to keep Brooklyn running? Is there even a second unit on this team that anyone can recognize?

    A second, related question: Toronto's fast break is almost non-existent, but we saw flashes of it in April. Will it become more of a weapon against Brooklyn? If so, it still needs a lot of work from both starters and bench players.

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      I was at the double-OT loss vs. Oklahoma City, the arena was like I have never seen before. When Lowry hit that 3 in OT to tie it up, I thought the roof was going to come off. And then...yeah.. Durant's shot and all.

      Either that game, or the 51 by Ross.
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        I was at the wizards game and it was the only game i went to all year because the games against the good teams were all sold out and trust me it's much different than watching on tv. I give it my vote for GOTY