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Is this also what the Blue Jays had to go through before winning 2 in the 90s?

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  • Is this also what the Blue Jays had to go through before winning 2 in the 90s?

    Sorry, I know wrong team, wrong sport but I was just wondering if the Jays of the early 90s went through the same challenges and adversities this current Raptors team (or the Raptors in general) is going through? I was still young at that time, (and wasn't in CA yet lol).

    By this I mean the challenges of being in Canada, attracting free agents, treatment by the officials, disrespect by the US media, etc. I know Montreal also had a team and I heard they were robbed of a championship too.

    Coz i think last year, before the baseball season started (to of course match it with the hype --> heartbreak of last baseball season), they showed a series of what the Jays went through throughout history. Like how it was snowing during their first ever home opener, how they were defeated by Oakland every time in the playoffs, then getting Robbie Alomar, then finally winning b2b with Cito being the first black manager to win a world series, etc.

    Is this in parallel to what the Raptors could be, or what Tim L, Masai, Drizzy, etc are envisioning?

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    The Blue Jays had a winning record for 10 straight seasons leading to the first championship in 1992 so unlike the Raptors the Jays had been a competitive team a few years after expansion.

    The Blue Jays did not attract many free agents in those days but they also tended to hold onto their best players and the general consensus among players was that Toronto was a great place to be. Attendance was near the top of the American League in those glory years.

    There has never been a bias by officials against Toronto teams from what I can perceive. A few blown calls over the years, yes, but every fan forum seems to dwell on bad officiating no matter the sport.
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      The fans and opposing teams respected the Jays from about 1985 when they won their first division(so much harder to do than in basketball). The American media did not respect Toronto until they won their first WS in 92. At that time top players actually did want to play for Toronto because they were winning. Players who are now in the HOF like Henderson, Molitor, Morris, Winfield. Basically they were the Miami Heat of today. Winning solves everything...
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