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  • Prediction thread for Playoff games ...

    Do we have a thread for it ?
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    Raps in 5

    Game 1 : blowout win against rusty Nets starters 1-0
    Game 2 : very close game with Raps winning in the last minute 2-0
    Game 3 : Nets in full control against courageous Raptors 2-1
    Game 4 : epic battle, Raps win thanks to a monster game from one of KL and DD 3-1
    Game 5 : Raps finish the business at home 4-1

    All in all, one blowout and 4 close games, but our homecourt advantage (coupled with Nets' inefficiency on the road) gets us the W


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      Nope. Add a poll!


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        It does not give me an option to add a poll now. Maybe the Mods can do that.
        We can even have a big board for the whole NBA and see who gets the most points at the end.


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          Raps in 5. Fanchie's summary is pretty-much exactly what I'm thinking, except perhaps switching the blowout to game 2.

          My reasons for thinking this isn't going to be as close a series as many pundits are saying:

          I don't believe Garnett's at full health (and he certainly won't be after a couple physical games), and he's the only big they have who can really defend against horns and high screens in an offence. The Raptors offense has been clicking at a better rate than any other point in the season, and it's going to cause problems for the rest of their bigs.
          Brooklyn's small-ball lineup poses a matchup problem for Amir/Pierce, but as long as the Raptors can exploit their height at the other end they should do fine, and Patterson might arguably be a better defender than Johnson on Pierce, given his comfort out to the 3-point line. Over the course of the series, I think Livingston will struggle in the post against the stronger DeRozan, and Johnson in theory should matchup well but struggled against Ross/Salmons.
          I think Brooklyn's experience is overrated. Experience is the sort of thing that is supposed to help you win road games (as is the case for San Antonio, Dallas, Memphis, Miami etc.). But Brooklyn is 15th out of 16 playoff teams in road wins, and even if you ignored everything prior to January plus the last game of the season (the stretch where they were allegedly lighting the league on fire), their road winning percentage would move them up only to 14th out of 16 (12 and 12 in that stretch, with some impressive wins and some ugly, ugly losses). Experience is supposed to help you win down the stretch, but Brooklyn is 25th in the league (and worst of any playoff team) in fourth quarter margin; the four experienced teams I noted above are all top 10. Why has the Nets' experience not produced in these situations as it has for other experienced teams, and why does everyone think that this gives the Nets such a huge edge?
          I've gone through every stat I can find, and I really struggle to see where Brooklyn has any edge. 2pt shooting percentage is pretty-much it, out of dozens of team stats I've looked at, where there's a notable edge for the Nets. Defense. Rebounding. Pace. 3-point shooting. Assists and turnovers. And other than Johnson on Pierce, it's hard to find somewhere that there's a matchup advantage for the Nets.

          I'm not saying this series is a lock for the Raptors. Both of these are 3-point heavy teams, and that factor alone can result in a big swing from night to night. But I can't find any logical reason to favour the Nets, and there are so many reasons to favour the Raptors that I think a series victory for them is a solid prediction and that a relatively short series is not unlikely.