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  • adjustments

    I would like to see everyone thoughts on adjustments that need to be made.

    Marc or ibaka needs to guard Giannis kawhi on Middleton pascal on Lopez Danny green on ilysova or pascal on ilysova.

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    You can even put Lowry on Lopez so we force the post up. We need to make them predictable and force the post up


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      We are playing to fast for gasol


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        One adjustment might be for the Raps to start Jonas Valanciunas at center.

        No wait.


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          More shot making. Less shot missing.
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            Start Ibaka over Gasol is the only major one, imo. I'd rather keep Danny out there until he shoots himself out of the slump, because we'll need him starting vs the Warriors.

            But I also want to point out that Kerr is playing Alfonzo Mckinnie down the stretch against the Blazers. He just hit a 3 with 5 minutes left.

            Nurse cannot be afraid to dig deep into the bench to uncover someone who might help us. I'd like to see McCaw and/or Boucher next game.


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              McKinnie finishes with 9 boards and +24 in 21 minutes with the Warriors.


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                Gotta get some high percentage looks at the rim. Maybe that means playing with more pace and getting the ball up the floor quicker.

                I posted this in another thread I’m fascinated by the raps going small. Could be a terrible idea or iir could work. Leonard Siakam at the 4-5 might play Lopez off the floor and get Middleton off Kawhi. Or it leaves Mirotic on a guy like Powell.

                Right now raptors are taking the shots the bucks want them to take and they are missing.