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I have followed the raps since day one....

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  • I have followed the raps since day one....

    I have had people ask me why I bother watching the raps play cause they have been shit over the years. I have been at sports bars and people ask me why I am a fan of this club.

    I am proud of this team regardless of how we do in the playoffs, I will watch every game and cheer for us till the end, not base it all on wins and loses. I expect us to challenge the Nets and keep it close. I believe this team can beat the Nets, but more importantly to me this is about us gaining respect around the league.

    I hope this playoff runs shows players that T.O is a team you want to play for, a team taking the right steps, a team that win or lose will fight for every point and for each other. I want to hear players say "I want to play in Toronto" without us having to overpay.

    This season has been a great start ... now the real challenge begins. We are playing what I consider the 2nd most covered team in the east left (Pacers are a better team but not as covered). Old or not the Nets players have name recognition. We will be in the media's eyes ... they have no choice but to cover us!

    This is what I have been waiting for for years ... not for the playoffs, not for wins, but for a chance to show everyone that we are here and ready to war with anyone.

    That being said RAPS in 6. Lets smash these jokers and send them to the old folks home!!!!!!

    GO RAPS !!!!!!!!

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    The Raptors are a business and I believe in business you typically get rewarded due to production. This is the incentive to do well because otherwise why try if people offer reward for mediocrity?

    This season was a step in the right direction but let's not lose track of which conference they play in. Circumstance has benefited them a great deal.

    I too hope they do well and slap a few teams for hoping they draw the Raptors.

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