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Neat article on Raptors superfan

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  • Neat article on Raptors superfan

    Other dignitaries stopped to pay their respects, including Kyle Lowry, the Raptors’ starting point guard. (Bhatia recalled being worried that Lowry would be traded midseason. “I told them not to break up the family,” he said.) Next came two fans from New York who recognized Bhatia from television and wanted a photograph with him. Then there was Jonas Valanciunas, the team’s young center from Lithuania. Bhatia has helped him with his English.

    “He’s like my dad,” Valanciunas said.

    John Altilia, who manages security for the Raptors, said: “Nav is such a fixture that opposing players will ask where he is if they don’t see him. He’s been nothing but an ambassador.”
    “I’m an addict of basketball,” said Bhatia, who now has 10 season tickets and likes to share them. “I don’t drink. I don’t smoke. I don’t womanize. But I Raptorize. That’s it.”

    Raptorizing takes many forms. DeRozan was a rookie with the Raptors in 2009 when he met Bhatia. DeRozan was new to the city, so Bhatia offered DeRozan some insight: the neighborhoods, the restaurants, the history of the team. At some point during their conversation, DeRozan casually mentioned that he was looking for a car. The next morning, he awoke to discover a Range Rover parked outside his home. Bhatia wanted DeRozan to borrow the vehicle until he found one of his own.
    Amazing how he has stuck with them even though the Raptors have been abysmal throughout most of their history.
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    I love how he's dinner buddies with Mike Woodson, lol.

    So random.


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      The man has a couple of Hyundai dealerships and is quite the salesman. Wince was big buds with him too.


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        Bendit wrote: View Post
        The man has a couple of Hyundai dealerships and is quite the salesman. Wince was big buds with him too.
        He was invited to and went to Vince's wedding as I recall. And offered to pay for tutoring for Antonio Davis' kids so they wouldn't forget standard measure and get all metrificated. (Kidding about the last one).


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          Nav.... sells alot of cars baby


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            Superjudge wrote: View Post
            Nav.... sells alot of cars baby
            He also gives a lot if cars away.


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              The Power of the Turban is ETERNAL!!! He shall be the first one to raise the championship trophy if we ever win a Championship!


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                Great find. Nice to see him get some recognition from the NYPost. That's probably more than most Raptors teams would get in a season.
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