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Thanks in advance and we hope you guys enjoy the application.
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Game 5, Eastern Conference Finals: Toronto Raptors @ Milwaukee Bucks - Thursday May 23rd, 8:30pm ET TSN

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  • Game 5, Eastern Conference Finals: Toronto Raptors @ Milwaukee Bucks - Thursday May 23rd, 8:30pm ET TSN




    • In game 4, Kyle Lowry put up only the fourth Raptors playoff performance of 25 or more points on 11 or fewer field goal attempts. The other three were Kawhi (2019), Norm (2017), and Chris Childs (2001).
    • In game 4 we finally won the rebounding battle on both the offensive and defensive glass.
    • After game 4: "The Bucks locker room is eerily silent. Players are all keeping to themselves, some hustled out to the bus quickly." @malika_andrews
    • Kawhi Leonard was named to 2nd team All-Defense and became the first Raptor to earn that honor.
    • Danny Green received 19 First Team and 28 Second Team votes, which equates to 66 points: more than Draymond (61) or Kawhi (39), who both made Second Team. However, All-Defense factors in position. Second Team guards, Jrue Holiday and Klay Thompson got 90 and 82 votes respectively @jlew1050
    • Congrats to Fred VanVleet for busting out of his slump and for the birth of his son, Fred Jr. He didn't even take a night off!
    • Shoutout to Nick Nurse for giving more and more responsibility to Norm, who notched a team high +29 in game 4.


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    Keep us streaking Scrap!! I kinda think the bucks might make a starting lineup change. Bringing Brogdon in for mirotic. Bledsoe has been the worst starter but don't think bud has the balls to pull him from the starting lineup. They did just sign him to an extension and wouldn't bode well for the future if he was bench in a critical ECF game.


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      My Raps in 6 pick is still alive. Go Scraptor go.


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        This series is over, Raptors in 6.


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          Long live scrappy, son of King Scraptor the 2nd, lord of the reverse sweep, slayer of negative thread starters

          raps in 6
          It's Klaw Season. Time to hunt.


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            Mad disrespect to the homegrown CoJo! For our purposes, I love it!

            Joseph collapsed under the pressure and never came through like we needed him to. We can't have anyone pounding the rock endlessly to no avail like he did. I'm looking at you Fred .. more of the same from last game please! (Cory, if you're reading, the 6 still got love for ya. )

            As for Jermaine.. well, he represents the exact opposite of all that Masai's accomplished here, being the crown jewel of the Bryan Colangelo era Raptor's playoff dreams. Oh how far we've come.

            Masai's built something beautiful, and so have you Scraps!

            Let's take this act on the road!


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              I didn't want to use anyone still playing so the choices were Jerome Moiso, Luke Jackson, JO, and Alan Anderson. Slim pickings.

              As for this new forum, I have no idea why some of the pictures don't show on some mobile browsers (not showing on my ios firefox), but if there are any gaps, that's who y'all can blame.


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                The winner of game 5 has to just win 1 more game out of 2, in a home and home.

                So if you assume like I do these teams are fairly even, the winner of game 5 has for all intents and purposes a roughly 75% chance of advancing to the face the dynasty champs in the lebrons old spot.

                It is not a must win, but it is a massive, massive game. You could bury their spirit, or turn the narrative back to "cant win in milwaukee". Its up for grabs, its Thursday with Chuck and Ernie and Shaq and Matt and Jack and Leo and Giannis and Kawhi and Nurse and Bud, and I'm ready for all of it.
                It's Klaw Season. Time to hunt.


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                  This is the most important biggest game in Raptors franchise history
                  All man. All amazing.


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                    Keep up the good work Scraptor. I'm pretty sure who your 5 victories guy is.


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                      Scraptor: "Regular season game threads are just practices for me." Keep it rolling.

                      I also thought CoJo (6ix Man) was going to be the choice for #6, but at this point nobody can question the GOAT.

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                        Bring it on home Scraptor


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                          A must win game, must win they will, must win they need.

                          Official Pope of the Raptors sponsored by MLSE.


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                            Basketball gods please bless Kawhi and hope his injury is not serious
                            All man. All amazing.


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                              Come on raps a win tomorrow and you're pretty much in the finals!!!