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    raptors999 wrote: View Post
    Garnett grabbed and held people his whole career.He'll punch you if he think he can get away with it.

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    I'm not afraid of him, I know deep down he is a playground bully who has a bark worse than his bite.


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      peanutwoozle wrote: View Post
      I'm not afraid of him, I know deep down he is a playground bully who has a bark worse than his bite.
      And I'm not afraid of any MMA fighter. I know deep down I'll never have to face them.
      If we knew half as much about coaching an NBA team as we think, we"d know twice as much as we do.


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        ezz_bee wrote: View Post
        Disagree with the two bolds. You earn gotta earn. Jack Armstrong said it in one of the podcasts last week. You are going to have to win by 6, just to win by one. All the complaining is just distraction and excuses. Just go out there and beat them. It's a seven game series, you out play the Nets in all seven you'll win your four and advance. You only outplay four times and one of those games you lose because of bad officiating, that's not on the ref's that's on you. Win on the court.

        Also, grantland and Zach Lowe in particular have more Raps coverage than any other US media, and often when it really wasn't deserved based on on court performance. Also, Zach Lowe is the best basket-ball blogger on the planet, and it's not even close. So when a blogger who actually covers the raps, and has been pretty unbiased if not done right favourable in their coverage, says we need to stop complaining about the refs, I take notice.

        Complaining about refs is just a way to justify failure.

        ALSO, it's not like the refs haven't made some bad calls in Toronto's favour. 6:20 left in the forth, Raps up by 1, Lowry draws a charge on Anderson that should have been called a block he didn't beat him to the spot, and his feet were still moving, it was a pretty obvious block, and the Anderson's push off happened AFTER the block. BUT Kyle Lowry is one of the best in the game at drawing charges, and Anderson is a sub. Sometimes the refs just make the wrong call. It MOSTLY evens out over the course of a game/series, and whatever doesn't even out can be overcome by beating the other team.

        Rant over.
        bolds, post, blech.

        You have to earn an even playing field? news to me.
        Standing up for yourself is whining? An excuse???

        Ya ok man, thats the ticket, take it in the ass and say nothing..... thats WAY more respectful.

        Ya gotta fight if you want justice. period.