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Game 6, Eastern Conference Finals: Milwaukee Bucks @ Toronto Raptors - Saturday May 25th 8:30pm ET SN

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    Happy Birthday Norm


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      being one game away from the NBA finals!!! Scraptor is leading us into uncharted territory. Onwards and upwards. Sure you could say we've been one game away from the finals before but that was before the dawn of Raptor forums. It was a long time ago...bonus points if you know how it connects to the gif above. Go Raps!!


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        So close out game to go to the finals. .
        Lots and lots and lots of water has flowed under the Raptors bridge to get to this point. The Brendan Malone and Darell Walker years at the beginning. Hey they were an expansion team but it was still awful.. Zan Takek and Mamadu Njiege anyone ?

        The first round of hope arrived with VInce vs AI. It was close but it never turned into something sustainable with Butch Carter and Lenny Wilkins. Then then the dark ages of Kevin O'Neill and Jay Triano. Long long long years of suffering crap ball. Then some false hope with Sam Mitchell ...but hope can be a terrible thing if there is nothing behind it....There was nothing behind it... Cya Chris Bosh. We rag on him but the city owes a great deal of respect for Dwane Casey. Dwane expected to win.. That was a change.. Now we have Nurse and Leonard and a veteran cast who are going to hit the floor today to make all of that penance paid by RR fade..

        So today.. for the Matt52s.. McHappy .. Snooch .. Tim W.... Oldschoolcools and the rest of the gang who suffered through bad Raps ball there is redemption when the Raps gear it up at home and play the toughest game of the series.. the close out game.

        Here we go...

        Raps W.
        "We can grow the economy not from the top down the way Mr. Harper wants to... but from the heart outwards". ---- Justin Trudeau 2015


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          So goddamn nervous. I can feel knots forming in my stomach.
          "Stay steamy"

          - Kobe


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            Go Raptors !


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              Game 6.

              The only guarantee I want to hear from everyone, including you Drake,
              is that we will give everything we got tonight.
              Learn from your BEST Raptor ever,
              always calm, always even keeled, always poker faced,
              but always an assassin.


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                Just win baby.
                Only one thing matters: We The Champs.


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                  I'm fine here, we have to be out for dinner but I already told everyone, imma on my couch by 8:30
                  I think we win but I'm not going to panic if we lose, gonna watch the refs calls for Giannis again tonight he's going to bull into the paint at every possession tonight to try and win the game himself. That means lots of fouls.

                  I'd like a relatively stress free game but Giannis has already said they ain't throwing in the towel and that's a personal statement right there. Hopefully it doesn't matter with the D we can throw at him again. Just hang with them through the first Q and we'll be fine.

                  A few fans not giving up on the Raps early would be nice too

                  GAME DAY!


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                    By the way, some fools that I slave for, gave out 17 tix at the 118 section for their most loyal cotton farmers and family members just to see the backside of drake. Time has change. We are fortunate.


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                      Thread is broken already


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                        I am so excited and nervous for this game.

                        I played rep bball before the raptors existed. I was that white kid whose favourite sport has always been bbball. I've been a fan since jump.

                        I felt, as a young teenager that the media was talking down to us explaining the simple rules.

                        I lived through the crap years, the carter years, the bosh years, the barnagni years, the kyle and demar years. I'm relishing the kawhi year (hopefully years).

                        Today can change all of those things.

                        Basketball in this country is thriving! We are finally mainstream. We will get the big endorsement deals. We should get the big time slots. We should have more coverage, both during and after the games. I feel like this will be the last year that a 30 min time slot before such a game will suffice.

                        We are a GODDAMN great basketball team!

                        We are relevant!

                        WE THE FUCKING NORTH BABY!!!

                        LETS GO!


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                          The name's Bond, James Bond.


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                              Bucks will not have a spirit of challenge at all, but if we did not show up in the first period, that spirit of challenge might be born.
                              Being aggressive and accurate early is the key to this game.

                              I expect us to win this game.


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                                Any announcement on refs?