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If Bosh Leaves, Blame Colangelo

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  • If Bosh Leaves, Blame Colangelo

    I kind of agree. Sure Jay could be apart of the issues at hand, but the players should be the ones most accountable. And at the end of the day, who brought these players to Toronto? Colangelo.

    Make no mistake: This was directed at the Andrea Bargnanis and especially the Hedo Turkoglus of the world, and therefore at his general manager. Bryan Colangelo assembled this roster, and kept it intact at the trade deadline, and believed in it. And there is something essential missing from it: heart, guts, competitive will. This is a hollow team. And Bosh, for one, isn't exactly blaming Jay Triano.

    "I'm glad I'm not the coaches," he said. "I wouldn't know what to do either. I don't know how many times you can change it, I don't know how many speeches you can give, I don't know how many lineup changes there can be. I don't know. The coaches can only do so much."

    So to sum up: Too many of his teammates are too soft and too easily offended; the same crap keeps repeating itself; and it's not necessarily Triano's fault.

    Now, this could still turn around - say, finish 12-6, win 44 games, maybe climb into the sixth or seventh seed in the East. Going into Portland last night they were essentially four games out of fifth and a first-round matchup with creaking Boston. That's all incredibly unlikely, of course, but the way ninth-place Chicago is cratering, the playoffs still seem quite plausible.

    But the Raptors have just 10 wins against above-.500 teams all season. That's as many as Detroit, as Sacramento, as Washington, as the Clippers; as of Sunday morning, only five other franchises had fewer. This is not a good team. It never really was.

    If Chris Bosh leaves, it will be because Bryan Colangelo has failed to surround him with sufficient incentive to stay. If Bosh leaves, Colangelo has to try to get as many cents back on the dollar as he can, but he wears it. You can debate whether Chris Bosh is a true franchise guy, but he's the best thing this franchise has. Among the Raptors' core players, he is their toughest player, their hardest worker, their best scorer and rebounder and defender.

    When Bosh signed this current contract, Colangelo convinced him to stay in part by tell Bosh that his GM had built up a good reputation in this league, and he didn't intend to screw it up. And for a long time, I've been unable to discern whether Bosh will stay or go. He'll get max money - or near enough - either way. But mostly, I believe Chris Bosh is smart enough to wait until all the evidence is in.

    Well, the evidence is piling up all around him. Chris Bosh wants to win. He wants to matter. He wants to play for a contender. Unless something changes, why would he stay?
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    I said this in my thread a couple days ago but it's really all on Colangelo's shoulders. Blows up the team every year hoping to get a lucky roll of the dice; decides to hire a rookie coach in the franchise players final year; signs Hedo, not because his skills were necessarily needed, but because he believed that was the move that needed to be done. To quote Colangelo "I missed the opportunity to sign him [Turk] once before and told myself that I wouldn't make that same mistake again." It's good to know that the signing was motivated by his ego and not the needs of the team.

    This team sucks, and that little run from mid-december to the all star break was clearly the result of an easy schedule.


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      Overall , you gotta blame the coaches. How can other teams with no allstars or big names beat us on a nightly basis? ..Coaching. Players have to buy into and believe in a system in order to have faith in it and follow it, and it seems like we dont have a system, we let the opposition decide our system for the night, so we're alway reacting not striking first. All the great coaches find a way to motivate players and turn no-names into nightly contributors. Our coaches and our team leaders are too passive and soft...everyone jokes about bringing in a guy like Oakley here to whup some ass, but in reality , maybe thats whats needed.


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        Yup -- it would be Colangelo's fault.

        Good time to repeat -- Colangelo should never have appeared to so willing to make a sign and trade. That makes it far more likely that Bosh will dig in his heels and demand a trade. No need to lose any money ($30+ million) if BC will just sign and trade him. It was Colangelo's only serious leverage in contract negotiations and he threw it away. The chances of Bosh re-signing dropped hugely the day he started making + repeating those statements.