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    I live in a small town in the Canadian prairie kinda in the middle of nowhere. Not counting airport layovers, I've only been to Toronto probably 2 or 3 times is my life. But I know that in there the red maple leaf flies high, just like in my town. So years back, I took it to this team . This outlier. The only one from the North.

    I saw it getting beat multiple times, then bounce back, then down, then back up again. The growing pains. So today, I watched the game with my 5-year-old son, and while slightly inebriated (still am), right after the final buzzer, I asked him: "do you know why they won?" His answer was: "because they kept trying". The hair on the back of my neck immediately stood.

    I of course want and believe they can win it all, but frankly, whatever happens now, they showed what they're made of these last couple of weeks. This team seems to have taken Kawhi's personality: The ability to bend but not break. To fight through adversity, and come back better on the other side. Trying to "have fun out there", in spite of being beat up mentally and physically. Never too high never too low. A quiet confidence that stems from knowing the work and time has been put forth, well before the bright lights were on. Kinda like the North itself.

    What a game, what a series!
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    Only one thing matters: We The Champs.


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      Amen brother!