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    I don't know about you but as much as I'm looking forward to the finals, I still don't want to stop thinking about that incredible ECF series against the Bucks. And we still have a couple of days to do that. Some post game posts are popping up in different threads so maybe we can start putting them all here. Just a couple of thoughts after rewatching game 6 a couple of times. Matty D nailed it after Kawhi's slam with 6:46 to go with "The building can feel it!!". On the TNT broadcast, after Kawhi made his 2 bounce corner three (from a similar spot as his 4 bouncer), they suggested the area be renamed "Kawhi Corner". I'm good with that.

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    The dagger was not nearly as sexy this time around
    7.0 seconds Pascal Siakam makes free throw 1 of 2 94 - 98
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      The dagger was Kawhi's offensive rebound off the missed free throw in the 3rd quarter. Even though we were still down at that point.. I just knew we were going to win.


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        This was historic comeback. Unbelievable heart and poise by the team. Essentially swept Bucks and Bucks never won in Toronto.
        Only one thing matters: We The Champs.


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          I'm glad they didn't fire Nick Nurse.


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            The stat was 7% of teams come back from down 2-0. Anybody know what portion of those are reverse sweeps?

            Also, in the category of fun with numbers, extrapolating from the math from an article Alex Wong wrote in the NY times: Twenty-four seasons, 1,920 regular-season games, 18 playoff series, 99 playoff games. (And the hundredth post season game being the clincher...)

            That means the pivotal game 5 was our 2019th game as a franchise.

            It’s our year.

            (... The rest of the games we play in the Finals probably signify every year Kawhi resigns for.)

            Add all that onto the 100-100-100 stat and the 6-6-6 stat...

            I think it’s clear someone made a pact with the devil.

            Good on ‘em!


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              Apollo wrote: View Post
              I'm glad they didn't fire Nick Nurse.
              No report of anyone fucking Fred either.