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How Relieved Are the Blazers Now?

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  • How Relieved Are the Blazers Now?

    Caught this from a Trailblazers blog this morning and thought to myself, "there's one team that is breathing a sigh of relief this season".

    Tonight, Turkoglu went through the motions like so many slightly above average players on slightly below average teams. His shot was falling (4 of 5 from deep), he was careless with the basketball (4 turnovers) and he did not impact the game on the boards or on the defensive end. Don't look now but it could be a really, really, really long 5 years.
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    They really dodged a bullet. Hedo's contract is a franchise killer. Especially with the trade kicker..


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      wait....are you saying he has a no-trade agreement in his contract?


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        i think what everybody needs to understand is that before the magic became contenders, hedo was already there for 5 years. he peaked during 2007-2008 when it was already his 4th year with dwight, and the next year they reached the finals. granted that he was much younger and less mature back then, basketball is not a one on one game. and bosh is no howard. howard can make everybody look good. do you remember that alley-oop game winner that howard dunked over duncan? hedo made that inbounds pass. i doubt bosh can catch the ball and dunk it while being covered by duncan. and hedo's current stats is not even that far from his stats when he left the magic. lastly, hedo was the 3rd option behind howard and lewis. same with the raps, he ranks 3rd in the raps rotation behind bosh and bargs. i think everybody's using turk as a scapegoat when really, our 4th, 5th and 6th options kinda sucked. oh and i think the blazers should be disgusted that they didnt get turk, coz the blazers is the perfect place for hedo to play point forward. he has dominant big men to work with (oden, aldridge) an amazing SG to pass to and he will be a nightmare to match up with if he plays point. miller isnt really working out for them, he's a scoring pg playing alongside roy who is also capable of playing point and score at the same time. plus i dont know why portland is so happy, theyre fighting for a playoff spot as well and has a more difficult schedule than the raps.
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          i am surprised he got booed. they shouldn't be angry with him for signing in Toronto. they should have been happy...