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We the North: How Fandom has and can Impact the Series

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    Damn Colangelo, maybe we shouldn't have fired you.
    OG is our king


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      psrs1 wrote: View Post
      Objectively I'd say second best. Golden State has been good too.
      I'd give us the edge, simply because Oracle Arena hasn't had thousands of extra fans cheering on from outside the arena that you can hear for blocks. I was at Hoops Bar (in between Rogers Centre and the ACC) to grab a meal in between the end of Jays-Red Sox and the start of the Raptors game with some friends, and we could hear the fans from inside the bar over the music before we were done our meal, and this was over an hour before the game. You don't get that anywhere else, even Oracle.
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        RPT23 wrote: View Post
        I hope it doesn't have to come down to a last second "winning' bucket by the good guys Raptor squad... I've had enough open heart surgeries during this series!

        I'm looking for redemption by the Raptors to take it to the Nets and shove it up their candy @$$'!!!
        Have no fear. we can't run last second inbound plays anyway. We're not the mavs or portland and we don't have KD to will the ball in.