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Game #7: Brooklyn Nets 104 - Toronto Raptors 103 (Nets Win Series 4-3)

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  • Game #7: Brooklyn Nets 104 - Toronto Raptors 103 (Nets Win Series 4-3)

    #WeTheNorth #FuckBrooklyn #WhatMasaiSaid #RTZ

    An interesting day in the NBA Playoffs last night. The Rockets are taken down by one Damian Lillard at the buzzer. Dallas ties the series up over SAS with a 113-111 victory on some late game heroics by Ellis. And last, but not least, the Raptors let the Nets back into the series with a fustercluck of a start in the first quarter.

    That last one left many of us angry, confused and looking to lash out trying to fix our half assed attempt to bury these walking cadavers.

    Now it is time to regroup, sober up, repair voice boxes, find our inner peace, practice our chants and prepare ourselves for the first Game #7 since Philly in 2001. The crowd needs to be unruly, loud, merciless and unstoppable, and I have no doubts that we will be.

    Keys to the game:

    1) Go at Deron Williams ankles, Lowry was able to get by him easier after the tweak, no time to be nice
    2) Better matchups with our bigs rotations. Hansborough on Blatche please (for rebounding). Val on Garnet
    3) Get Val going early. When he is scoring inside there is less chance of him taking fouls, we need him.
    4) Ball movement.
    5) We need someone to step up. A game out of Ross, Amir, Pattman, TH would be a welcome sight
    6) Defense. Try Ross single coverage on JJ. They are killing us off of the double from the opposite corner
    7) It isn't over till the fat lady sings, leave it all on the court because she will be singing after the game, win or lose

    This is the time where you hold absolutely nothing back, you do everything you can to win, but do not try to do everything yourself. Trust your teammates. Trust your D. Oh, and Never. Give. Up. We were put on the ropes in the end of game 5 and the beginning of game 6. Now it is time to Do, or Die. This little clip reminds me of our young Raptors first playoff series.

    This series has seen some great fans and some great publicity. We are no longer your ugly bastard child. So, League, Media and Kenny Smith alike take note:

    We The North
    We are louder
    We are stronger
    We are tougher
    We are here
    Why? Because,

    Oh, and one more thing

    T-Rex you had your run to the promise land cut brutally short last night and I couldn't help myself after seeing this little piece of inspiration for starting the Game #7 thread.

    Jclaw wrote: View Post
    I forget which one of you has the "Wookie of the Year" avatar but I think you should be the first to say "May the Fourth Be With Us"
    May the Fourth be with you, Raptors.

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    Damn right, baby!! Got my tickets this afternoon from RR!
    The Double Champ is here!
    Dynasty King: RRNBADLS7
    Raptors: Larry O'Brien


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      This is probably the best game thread I've ever seen! Great Work

      Lets get this win!!

      WE THE FUCKING NORTH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      "Both teams played hard my man" - Sheed


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        Air Canada Centre is going to be roofless by the end of this one
        "Both teams played hard my man" - Sheed


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          We really need the fans to boost our team and point out mistakes refs make. This is a national game and refs/NBA won't want to look bad.


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            Let's boo these bastards back to Brooklyn.

            Win or lose, I hope the fans get on their feet at the end of this game and give this team a standing ovation. Show the team, the organization, TSN, ESPN, the refs, the NBA, and the States that Toronto isn't just some fair weather market. We're SUPPOSED to be in the playoffs every year.


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              Toronto96 Philadelphia 93 0-1
              Toronto 92 Philadelphia 97 1-1
              Philadelphia 78 Toronto 102 1-2
              Philadelphia 84 Toronto 79 2-2
              Toronto 88 Philadelphia 121 3-2
              Philadelphia 89 Toronto 101 3-3
              Toronto 87 Philadelphia 88 4-3
              "Both teams played hard my man" - Sheed


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                Time for Ross, Salmons and Patterson to step up and hit open 3's. Is that too much to ask??

                But the most important thing is, they need to contain DWill and JJ. That's the key to winning this game.
                Mamba Mentality


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                  Contain their guards, rebound, move the ball. Wictory baby


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                    Last game really blew chunks.. but the Raptors have been resilient all season. Need Lowry to have a KLOE type game and I hope JV is drinking tonight because we need a 15-15 game from him as well.


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                      . Well done.


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                        Great game thread bro fuck brooklyn go raptors. Also I'm curious what's ur record with gt threads?


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                          MACK11 wrote: View Post
                          Toronto96 Philadelphia 93 0-1
                          Toronto 92 Philadelphia 97 1-1
                          Philadelphia 78 Toronto 102 1-2
                          Philadelphia 84 Toronto 79 2-2
                          Toronto 88 Philadelphia 121 3-2
                          Philadelphia 89 Toronto 101 3-3
                          Toronto 87 Philadelphia 88 4-3
                          holy shit, our wins this year correlate with philis wins back in the day

                          therefore we will win this game yeahhhhh

                          I'm back. I no longer worship joe johnson


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                            Fans in the crowd need to really bring the heat tomorrow, chant "BULLSHIT!" after all bad calls and no calls
                            You come at the King, you best not miss.


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                              A few more things I would like to add:

                              - if we are getting beaten by call, it is up to our Coach to take the technical foul and hammer the refs to even it out. This is the playoffs, don't worry about your money, Ujiri will compensate you.
                              - No Salmons. Not one second. I will take a struggling Ross over a shit salmon sandwich

                              Oh, and #FuckBrooklyn


                              I have noticed that the ENTIRETY of the Nets defense revolves around them killing our first option off the high screen. When we have beaten the initial D we have gotten a great look out of it. The Nets force us to run the high screen very high, which cuts off passing lanes and really makes setting up everything else difficult. It is time for an offensive adjustment to solve this.

                              1 - We could come down and initiate right into our second option and avoid the high screen option to avoid their counter-D
                              2 - Run the offense on the side PnR where the D cannot push the ball handler out as far and keep passing lanes intact. We don't have as many offensive sets for this, and it would require Lowry running the side PnR because DD and Ross aren't able to run them as much
                              3 - Pitch it forward to the wings to push the tempo and stop the D from setting up. Run the old bastards into the ground. The pitch ahead pass should be followed by a drive all the way or dribble penetration to about 15ft. Tell players that if it is there go for it, if it is not reverse your dribble and look for the reset. No time for hero ball, take what they give you. The key here is that the dribble penetration before the D is set will be easier and it will suck in the D. If the quick bucket is not there (Vasquez gets a lot of these quick baskets), reversing the dribble will give the high screen enough time to set up, and the sucked in D will make it so our sets aren't pushed out as much. These means that on the pass bakc up top, Lowry can initiate right into the high screen before the D sets up, effectively rendering the Nets defensive strategy useless.

                              We are walking the ball up the court too much and playing slower because Casey likes this for defense. This is killing us, there is a way to up the tempo and still play safe.

                              These are 3 simple solutions to help speed up our offense and stop the Nets from killing our first option. I would like to see an adjustment be made for once in this series (like seriously we are still playing our defenses the same for the most part...and the Nets are running the same play)

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