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After 11 games played: Raps 1070, Nets 1070

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  • After 11 games played: Raps 1070, Nets 1070

    Via John Schuhmann:

    Pretty crazy, just wanted to share.

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    Doesn't get much closer than that!

    I said at beginning I didn't know who would win but that it would be close and 6 or 7 games..... granted a lot of others did too!


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      Here's a time machine:

      It's set to go back to October 7th 2013 6:45PM to the exact coordinates of where you were standing before the season began against Boston.

      You get to meet yourself, and give that nugget of twitter information. On a scale of 0-Trading Bargnani how amazed is former you?

      I thought Brooklyn had a lineup to rival Miami, I would do 13 consecutive backflips and die (a happy man) on the 14th attempt.

      Brooklyn being 1 point better (the ultimate point) in a 7 game series we held at home is a metric fucktonne easier pill to swallow than Pierce getting a block to win the series.


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        At the end of the day, we lost 2 home games in the series. Chaulk one up to inexperience, but that just can't happen.