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Best play of the Raptors 2013-2014 season

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  • Best play of the Raptors 2013-2014 season

    Thoughts on that?

    I remember a play which I unfortunately can't find highlight off.

    It was a steal by a Raptor on defense who then literally threw the ball ahead (Salmons?), which was caught by Vasquez who then threw an alley-hoop to Patrick Patterson on the break.

    That play had me jumping up and down as it was representative of the Raptors season as a whole, good defense leading to an unselfish and exciting fastbreak.

    Obviously the Ross dunk over Faried and the DeRozan over Noah/Singler were great too, but more of an individual play than team basketball.
    Myself (March 2014):
    The raptors are a tremendous young team and will win a championship in the following five years.

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    The Patterson steal and game winner in Brooklyn.


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      Ross steal on last play of game 7?


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        I liked the PP steal best. It was best team highlight of year.

        Best individual highlight, imo, was Ross over Faried.


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          True, the Patterson was uberly dramatic after the defender flew buy biting on the pump fake.

          As good as the Ross play was, unfortunately it didn't lead to a victory made it that much harder to accept defeat.
          Myself (March 2014):
          The raptors are a tremendous young team and will win a championship in the following five years.


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            I agree, the Patterson steal and game winner was awesome.
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              Patterson steal. Doesn't even come close in my mind. I was going ape shit when that happened.
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                PPat's steal and bucket.



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                  yup...Patterson steal & game winner was hands down best play of the season...


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                    Not an actual play, but seeing how happy DeMar and Lowry were after a Hawks win in January was probably my favourite moment.


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                      The bench reaction from the Ross on Faried dunk (i believe) was pretty awesome as well.


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                        Lowry bounce pass on the break to vasquez who passes behind his back to amir Johnson who throws it down, pumps his jersey and leaves a guy hanging. My favorite at of the season.

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                          Easily the game ending play in Brooklyn with the Patterson steal and bucket. Was the most hype i got all season by far.

                          Most spectacular individual highlight was the Ross dunk on Faried by a long way, but even that doesn't come close to a dramatic game winner like what happened that night in Brooklyn.


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                            In terms of dramatics, Patterson's steal.

                            In terms of individual play, Ross' dunk over Faried.
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                              I vote for Ross over Faried.

                              Patterson's game winner was nice, but in the end, it was just a regular season game without much long-lasting appeal.

                              Ross's dunk, on the other hand, doesn't take the value of the game into account. It's timeless on its own.