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    thead wrote: View Post
    I have a feeling Hernandez is going to be one of those guys that plays 10-13 years in the league as a backup big. I saw nothing exceptional while watching him play but he seemed to do many things well.
    that actually sounds amazing for a 59th pick. you realize the average nba players career is only like barely 5 years right?


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      I see a bit of PJ Brown.


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        Puffer wrote: View Post
        Here's the assessment from Dan Tolzman, assistant GM. “Going from college a year ago to pro basketball and a lot of NBA-level players, it’s gonna be a pretty steep adjustment for him early. But I think once he gets his wind, he’s a guy that plays with a lot of energy, he has a nice toughness about him, he really attacks the boards hard, and he can step out and hit shots, too. For a player his size, he’s got a lot of mobility and he’s a very opportune, impact sort of guy. He never really stops on either side of the floor and just quietly does his job. It should be fun to see what he can do.”

        From the same article in The Athletic, "Once his awareness caught up with his motor on the glass and his mobility in the open floor, production followed. Hernandez had a 16-and-11 double-double in the team’s third game, scored 18 points in their fourth and scored 15 with three assists in the finale. All told, he averaged 12.8 points, seven rebounds and 1.8 assists to one turnover."
        I don’t disagree with anything dan is saying I simply said what he didn’t or hasn’t seen yet at this point in the young mans career. I wanted to add the kid plays flat footed. Fix his feet and footwork over the next 3 years and we will see about the rest.