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Hey guys and gals,

We're running a, how should I say, pilot or beta version of our new Raptors Republic app. We haven't made it official as we're still trying to work out some bugs while improving the user interface. So, its not the final version so expect to see more changes over the next while.

Anyhow, please feel free to download. Available on both Android & iPhone. It's absolutely free.



If we could ask a favour though. We're welcoming feedback and suggestions on perhaps things you'd like to see. At the end of the day we're doing this for you guys by making everything here easier available for you the user. Please send your feedback (Regardless if its positive or negative) to

Thanks in advance and we hope you guys enjoy the application.
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Playa hatas ball

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  • Playa hatas ball

    Hey guys, just an idea to fill in these next few days of radio silence before free agency frenzy...c'mon we all be getting damn sick and tired of the Kawhi speculation garbage.

    It's HIGH TIME we call out all the fucking PLAYA HATAS of the 2018-19 TORONTO RAPTORS CHAMPIONSHIP RUN!!!

    There's the mega-blowhards:

    Stephen Asshole Smith
    Skip Classless

    ​​​​​​Plus the 376+ "professional" fucktards on ESPN
    Etc, etc, etc.

    OTOH, shout-outs must be given to the south-of-the-border supporters who sensed a little bit of "Big Short" action...I'm looking at you:

    Charles Barkley
    Tim Bontemps
    Nate Silver/538 staff

    Also, anyone who mentions "asterisk" should be fucked up the ass with a wire toilet brush.

    And finally - and perhaps most egregiously we have this total after-the-fact hater podcast piece featuring Shaun Powell and presented by THE NBA fucking Hangtime...he calls for Kawhi to go directly to the Clippers - do not pass 'GO' - and says they will -have by fucking far a better title shot next year than the Raptors, I kid you not:

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  • #2
    skip Bayless would hate on Nelson Mandela if he left the spurs to free south Africa from apartheid


    • #3
      Stephen a smith's takes are so bad his mom just hopes no relatives ask how little Stephens doing when she's at thanksgiving diner.


      • #4
        chris Haynes has no intentions to report to journalism school.


        • #5
          Lawrence frank is attending his high school crushes wedding this weekend. he has high hopes he will be able to get her to commit to attend prom with him.


          • #6
            Daryl Morey has regressed to the mean of being a computer geek who never could hit a FT in high school.


            • #7
              Kendrick Perkins is dope and the biggest reason for the Celtics 08 championship


              • #8
                No time in my life for h8ters man.....or gratuitous f bombs