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  • golden wrote: View Post
    The preening arrogance of this waste of skin is stunning. He is Bruce Arthur in waiting.

    Armed solely with his woke value system @johngaudes pontificates that the court got it wrong. That somehow John with his legal training (none) and knowledge of this specific case (even less than none) somehow knows more than the plaintiff, defendant, any other people directly present and the ADA for the City of NY during the interaction between Davis and his accuser. That despite 3 appearances before the bench and months to gather, analyse and finally prepare a case before the bench the assistant district attourney declined to do so because there was no reasonable belief that charges brought before the bench could be proven with the evidence gathered.

    Yet somehow in the woke belief of social justice and equity politics John is waving the flag that social justice .. the court of public opinion ... should hold sway in matters such as this. John knows baby. John knows. Evidence is for Nazi's. Mysoginistic Nazis at that.

    We witnessed the same behaviour during the Jian Ghomeshi trial where the assembled toronto media corps had Ghomeshi convicted of high crimes and misdemeanors months before his day in court. It took Marie Henein less than 10 minutes to totally and completely shred the puffed up story the crown was dumb enough to take forward to trial.

    It appears that slogans and wobbly social justice belief systems still matter less than 2/3's of 3/8's of the square root of fuck all in a court of law with both sides having representation.

    Be happy for that.
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    "We can grow the economy not from the top down the way Mr. Harper wants to... but from the heart outwards". ---- Justin Trudeau 2015


    • Not a fan of the HQ piece either. Black men are several times more likely than whites to be wrongfully accused of crimes. Matt Thomas has a DUI charge should we throw him under the bus for making the streets unsafe? Make a donation to MADD for every hoop he scores? Wow how does the woke crowd balance that one.

      Look if TD is guilty he’s a POS. If he’s guilty and are charges dropped and there is a ray rice video or something some like that he would get cut right away. But that is a cancel culture piece looking for clicks.
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      • golden wrote: View Post
        Article is straight rubbish. Personally not a fan of RaptorsHQ at all.