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  • YOUR Mock Draft?

    What's your first-round mock draft? Or at-least up to 20.

    I just wanna see how high Tyler Ennis will go considering not a lot of teams need a PG, but Chicago with 2 picks probably will grab him, but who knows? What do you guys think ?

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    Cavs-Andrew Wiggins
    Kings-Gary Harris
    Sixers-Nik Statuskas
    Magic-Adreian Payne
    Wolves- Zach Lavine
    Suns-James Young

    Hawks-Roodney hood
    Bulls-Tyler Ennis
    Bos-TJ Warren
    Suns-Cllint Capela
    Bulls- Kyle Anderson
    Raptors- Jerami Grant
    Abbas wrote:

    First of all i was my own source


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      1. Cleveland Cavaliers:Jabari Parker, SF, Duke

      2. Milwaukee Bucks: Joel Embiid, C, Kansas

      3. Philadelphia 76ers: Andrew Wiggins, SF, Kansas

      4. Orlando Magic: Dante Exum, PG, Australia

      5. Utah Jazz: Julius Randle, PF, Kentucky

      6. Boston Celtics: Marcus Smart, PG, Oklahoma StateNoah Vonleh, PF, Indiana

      7. Los Angeles Lakers: Kyle Anderson, SF, UCLA

      8. Sacramento Kings: Noah Vonleh, PF, Indiana

      9. Charlotte Hornets (via Detroit Pistons): Doug McDermott, SF, Creighton

      10. Philadelphia 76ers (via New Orleans Pelicans): Gary Harris, SG, Michigan State

      11. Denver Nuggets: Dario Saric, SF, Croatia

      12. Orlando Magic (via New York Knicks): Adreian Payne, PF, Michigan State

      13. Minnesota Timberwolves: Nik Stauskas, SG, Michigan

      14. Phoenix Suns: James Young, SF, Kentucky

      15. Atlanta Hawks: Rodney Hood, SF, Duke

      16. Chicago Bulls (via Charlotte Hornets): Tyler Ennis, PG, Syracuse

      17. Boston Celtics (via Brooklyn Nets): Zach LaVine, PG, UCLA

      18. Phoenix Suns (via Washington Wizards): P.J. Hairston, SG, Texas Legends (NBDL)

      19. Chicago Bulls: T.J. Warren, SF, North Carolina State

      20. Toronto Raptors: Aaron Gordon, PF, Arizona
      ^a guy can dream right?


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        Trade for sacromentos pick 8 .
        Williams + Terry + outlaw +#8 for Salmons + hansborough +fields + swapping Ny Knicks pick for sacromentos 2016 pick


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          1. Cavs: Wiggins
          2. Bucks: Embiid
          3. 76ers: Parker
          4. Magic: Exum
          5. Utah: Smart
          6. Celtics: Randle
          7. Lakers: Vonleh
          8. Kings: Gordon
          9. Bobcats: McDermott
          10. 76ers: Stauskas
          11. Nuggets: Dario Saric
          12. Magic: Payne
          13. Timberwolves: Harris
          14. Suns: Young
          15. Hawks: LaVine
          16. Bulls: Ennis
          17. Celtics: Anderson
          18. Suns: Hairston
          19. Bulls: Warren
          20. Raptors: Capela/Stokes/Grant/Inglis?
          The name's Bond, James Bond.


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            I really hope we dont get Grant


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              Cleveland - Joel Embiid - They need a center desperately and they might be looking to resign Luol Deng, so with Irving, Waiters, Deng, on board along with maybe Tristan Thompson, they need a star-calibre center and Embiid comes along. They already drafted Anthony Bennett overall so I think superstition will come into play so they won't draft Wiggins with the 1st round pick

              Milwaukee - Andrew Wiggins - The second best player to be drafted, although the Bucks could go with Jabari Parker. I'm thinking, there might be a draft night trade where the Bucks will draft Wiggins and ship him to the Sixers for Parker + filler (Thad Young, Tony Wroten Jr, Nerlens Noel?)

              Philly 76ers - Jabari Parker - See above

              Orlando - Dante Exum - Exum will be their starting caliber PG for years to come so the Magic will have to do something about Jameer Nelson

              Utah - Noah Vonleh - The Jazz need a PF to play alongside either Kanter or Favors and one of the latter will be traded in the summer to make room for Vonleh

              Boston - Aaron Gordan - I see the Celtics picking this guy up and mesh him into a stretch 4 in case they trade Jeff Green in the summer

              LA Lakers - Marcus Smart - the Lakers will draft their future PG to play alongside Kobe and Pau Gasol but the Lakers still suck as in they don't have a SF (unless you count N.Young) or C but easy does it and I see them back in the lottery next year

              Sacramento - Julius Randle - His stock has fallen since final four but I see the Kings grab him and pair him up with D.Cousins, B-Mac, I.Thomas and maybe R.Gay

              Charlotte - Doug McDermott - They need a sharp shooter given the status of MKG who might be traded in the summer, enter Doug McDermott (although he could either be the bust of all drafts)

              Philly - Gary Harris - They drafted their future SF in Wiggins, now they need a SG if Tony Wroten Jr is gone, enter Gary Harris

              Denver - Clint Capela - The next big comes off the block is Clint Capela and I see the Nuggets picking him up in case they trade Faried in the summer

              Orlando - Dario Saric - It depends who the Magic draft previously and if they drafted Exum, they will need a sharpshooter, with both Affalo and Oladipo on board, they might go for a big and take a prospect in Saric

              Minnesota - Zach LaVine - The Timberwolves need a SG and a PF (K-Love trade) but I see them flipping K-Love for some nice prospects and roll with Zach LaVine as their future SG

              Phoenix - Tyler Ennis - A second Canadian and perhaps Nash-heir to play for the Suns. I want to see the Suns picking up this guy as their backup PG behind Dragic

              Atlanta - Nik Stauskas - His stock has risen due to Final Four, I see the Hawks picking him up to replace K.Korver as their starting SG

              Chicago - Adriean Payne - The Bulls will need a PF to replace Carlos Boozer as their backup PF and Payne is a nice option

              Boston - Elfrid Payton - The Celtics picked a SF/PF in Gordan and I see the drafting a backup PG in Elfrid Payton and have Rondo teach him a thing or two

              Phoenix - James Young - A sharp shooter, just what the Suns need as a backup for Bledsoe

              Chicago - TJ Warren - The Bulls need lock down defender at the 3 spot and some of the players are still available and TJ Warren is their guy

              Toronto - Kyle Anderson - He could be the steal of the draft if the Raptors pick him up, could end up having a Jalen Rose type of career

              OKC - Cleathony Early - Played great in the Final Four, a decent backup option for Kevin Durant

              Memphis - Jerami Grant - A lock down defender of a 3, could potentially start for the Grizzlies giving the aging of Tayshaun Prince

              Utah - Shabazz Napier - A great PG in this year's draft, could potentially be a steal for the Jazz, decent backup option for Trey Burke

              Charlotte - Glenn Robinson III - Another SF may do wonder for the team in case the Doug McDermott becomes a bust

              Houston - Rodney Hood - I see his stock fallen but not to the second round, the Rockets will pick him up

              Miami - Jarnell Stokes - It depends if the Heat will win the championship this year or not, if they do, they might resign all Big 3, if they don't, I see one of the Big 3 will be traded and Chris Bosh is the most likely candidate, so they need a big to fill for his shoe and enter Jarnell Stokes

              Phoenix - KJ McDaniels - The Suns have varies of picks this year and by getting both Tyler Ennis and James Young, I see them drafting a 3 in KJ McDaniels

              LA Clippers - CJ Wilcox - I see them finding a replacement for the aging Jamal Crawford

              OKC - Jusuf Nurkic - They will draft this big project and somehow mode him into a backup C for Stephen Adams

              San Antonio - Vasilje Micic - The Spurs always find gems in the draft and they will draft another EURO and have him backup Tony Parker


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                2nd Round
                Milwaukee - PJ Hairston - They got Jabari Parker, time for celebration, nah they are not done yet, they will want a sharp shooter and enter PJ Hairston

                Philly - Spencer Dinwiddie - The 76ers got Wiggins and Gary Harris, they need a backup PG so enter Spencer Dinwiddie

                Cleveland - Jordan Clarkson - I see his stock may fall due to his poor final four performance and I see the Cavs picking him up as a backup option for Irving or Waiters

                Dallas - Mitch McGary - He played great in the Final Four and with the aging of Dirk Nowitzki and lack of true PF for the team, I see the Mavericks picking him up

                Utah - Thanasis Andetoukompo - The Andetoukompo brothers, a great lock down defender of the player, I see the Jazz picking him up

                Milwaukee - Kristaps Porzingis - I see the Bucks picking up a PF when they have Parker and Hariston and enter a Euro prospect in Porzingis

                Toronto - Damien Inglis - I'm really hoping his onboard at No37 and just like what the staff said earlier, we will find our gem at No37. I see Kyle Anderson having a slow career, perhaps not by that much in his rookie season but Damien Inglis is a great player and he will be our stretch 3/4

                Detroit - Jordan Adams - His stock has risen according to but I see when the actual draft night, he will be picked in the second round and fall to the Pistons, a decent option behind KCP

                Philly - Isaiah Austin - The 76ers have pretty much every position been filled, they need a backup center in case Noel or Speights is traded and enter Isaiah Austin

                Minnesota - Dwight Powell - This guy is the steal of the 2nd round pick, I see him having a Carlos Boozer type of career

                Denver - Nick Johnson - A sharp shooter, decent backup option for Evan Fourier

                Houston - Bogdan Bogdanovic - A decent EURO sharp shooter, a nice backup option for James Harden

                Atlanta - Semaj Christon - His stock has fallen and I see the Hawks picking him up as a 3rd PG behind Teague and Schroeder

                Minnesota - DeAndre Daniels - A decent backup SF, could potentially start

                Charlotte - Walter Tavares - The Bobcats will pick him up and have him as a backup C behind Jefferson and Byombo perhaps

                Washington - Markel Brown - He played great in the Final Four and I see the Wizards picking him up

                Philly - Cory Jefferson - The 76ers have too many draft picks in this year's draft, I see them picking up players and trade them with fillers

                Milwaukee - Deonte Burton - They will draft a point guard

                Chicago - James McAdoo - He was projected as a first round pick but due to injury, his stock has fallen. I see him as the Quincy Miller of this year's draft and the Bulls will pick him up

                Phoenix - Khem Birch - Just to make Tyler Ennis happy, they will draft a fellow Canadian in Birch and have him come off the bench as their 3rd Big

                Dallas - Melvin Ejim - His stock has risen in the past few days but no more than a 2nd rounder, I see the Mavs picking him up

                Philly - Roy Devyn Marble - Another Philly pick for the Filler perhaps

                Minnesota - Jabari Brown - The Wolves will pick him up consider how much he has fallen

                Philly - DeAndre Kane - Another Philly pick for the Filler perhaps

                Miami - Sean Kilpatrick - The Heat might pick this guy up consider how great he played for the Final Four last year

                Denver - CJ Fair - His stock has fallen and I see the Nuggets drafting him in the late second round

                Indiana - Juvonte Reddic - A decent 3rd stringer PF on a good team, could potentially mode into a decent backup PF for David West

                San Antonio - Johnny O'Bryant - The Spurs will find another gem late in the second round in Johnny O'Bryant. He reminds me of Kenneth Faried

                Toronto - Jordan Bachynski - Could be our Shawn Bradley, a nice backup center behind Val or a third string C, benchwarmer like Aaron Gray

                San Antonio - Jahii Carson - Last pick could end up being the next Isaiah Thomas depends who drafts him


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                  To those who are not drafted, might still get a shot in the NBA
                  1) Chane Behanan - Injury prone type of a player, might end up playing in the D-League or Euroleague

                  2) Sim Bhullar - A big of a player who's stock has risen a few years ago but due to his health, he won't last that much in the NBA. I see him bouncing around in the Euroleague for a few years and end up playing in the NBA in the next 4-5 years

                  3) LaQuinton Ross - Could be a steal like Udonis Haslem, Ish Smith, or Marquis Daniels of the draft year, not drafted but will play as a minor role for a playoff team

                  4) Tomas Dimsa - A Big guard who might go undrafted by will be picked up by a team and become a serviceable guard down the road

                  5) Michalis Kamperidis - A decent F like Jorge Garbajosa who might be picked up by a team and become a serviceable big down the road

                  6) Artem Klimenko - Reminds me of Mirza Teletovic, who might be picked up by a team and become a serviceable big down the road

                  7) Bobby Ray Parks Jr - Could be the first Philippino and Jeremy Lin of all undrafted picks to ever play in the NBA consider the large amount of Philippine in US/Canada

                  8) Aquille Carr - His height is his biggest demise, could end up on a playoff team and become their Earl Boykins or at the best, Nate Robinson
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                    I would love to get Inglis with 37, and I think Bachynski would be a fine backup C.

                    Plus, Bachynski is canadian.
                    The name's Bond, James Bond.


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                      Bachynski could make a good pro. I would be willing to take him quite high


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                        1. Cavs- Wiggins
                        2. Bucks - Embid
                        3. Philly - Parker
                        4. Orlando - Exum
                        5. Utah - trades Phoniex the 5th pick and #35 for #14/#18/#27
                        Phoniex selects there starting C Noah Vonleh
                        6. Boston - Julius Randle
                        7. LA Lakers - Aaron Gordon (They are going after Bledsoe this offseason)
                        8. Sac - Marcus Smart
                        9. Charlotte- Gary Harris
                        10. Phili - Saric (With at least 2 rookies coming to camp, they can wait for this kid. Could be a great 1st off the bench for them in the future)
                        11. Denver - Doug McDermontt
                        12. Magic - Jufus Nurkic
                        13. Minnesota - James Young
                        14. UTAH - NIK STAUSKAS (trade from Phoenix)
                        15. Atlanta - Zach Lavine
                        16. Chicago - Tyler Ennis
                        17. Boston - Rodney Hood
                        18. UTAH - ELFRID PAYTON
                        19. Chicago - Jerami Grant (Just like his Uncle)
                        20. Toronto - trades Utah the 20th pick and the 37th pick, and the 59th pick for #23 and Phoenix's #27
                        UTAH selects - KYLE ANDERSON
                        21. OKC- Adrienne Payne
                        22. Memphis - TJ Warren
                        23. Toronto - SHAPAZZ NAPIER ( I also like Glen Robinson III and Stokes)
                        24. New Orleans - Clint Capela
                        25. Houston - K.J. McDaniels
                        26. Miami - Kristaps Porzingis
                        27. Toronto trades Bucks 27th pick for #31 and#36 picks
                        Bucks select - Glen Robinson III
                        28. Clippers - P.J.Hairston
                        29. OKC - Jarnell Stokes
                        30. SA -Mitch McGary
                        31. Toronto - CLEANTHONY EARLY
                        32. Phili - Walter Tavares
                        33. Cavs - Bogdan Bogdanovic
                        34. Dallas - Isaiah Austin
                        35. Phonenix (from Utah)- Jordan Adams
                        36. Toronto - Thanasis Antetokounmpo
                        37.UTAH - Damien Inglis
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                          Take Inglis over Antetokounmpo.
                          The name's Bond, James Bond.


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                            I had it in there originally


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                              1. Cleveland drafts Joel Embiid. The only way this doesn't happen is if Cleveland trades the #1 to Minnesota for Kevin Love, but reportedly they're trying to package Thompson/Bennett/Waiters and future picks for him instead.

                              2. Milwaukee drafts Andrew Wiggins. All the "he's not all that" talk will die down, and fast.

                              3. Utah drafts Jabari Parker. Once Parker is only at #3, Utah will do what it takes to trade up with Philly - let's say the #5, the #23 and Enes Kanter for the #3 pick, that seems plausible. Utah wants Parker so badly that I think a trade is inevitable.

                              4. Orlando drafts Dante Exum. Exum is a combo guard, Oladipo is a combo guard, and two long, athletic, rangy combo guards playing off one another is a stupidly promising backcourt of the future for the Magic.

                              5. Philly drafts Noah Vonleh. Because Philly wants the next Chris Bosh, which is what Vonleh probably is.

                              6. Boston drafts Aaron Gordon. Gordon has a lot of upside and Boston has time to let him grow now.

                              7. The Lakers draft Julius Randle. I think the Lakers would prefer Gordon, but I don't see Boston letting him slip or picking Randle instead (Boston has too many quality young bigs). Randle's a decent fit for LA, who can either replace Pau with him or pair him with Pau as needed.

                              8. Sacramento drafts Gary Harris. I think Harris is going to skyrocket in the draft: he's too good a shooter not to and he has heaps of upside with his athleticism. Sacramento needs shooting to complement their paint game.

                              9. Charlotte drafts Nik Stauskas. Charlotte needs shooting too, and Stauskas may be not as finished a product as Doug McDermott is, but he's also got more upside (although not as much as Harris).

                              10. Philly drafts Zach LaVine. They're going to go for "most upside remaining" with this pick and that's LaVine in a nutshell.

                              11. Denver drafts Dario Saric. Same boat as Philly: Denver has a mismatched roster so they don't have a clear position of need until they figure out what works. In that boat, they'll go for the most multidimensional player, and that's probably Saric.

                              12. Orlando drafts Marcus Smart. They've wanted him all along and I think he's going to slide like crazy on draft night. They pick him up here.

                              13. Minnesota drafts Adreian Payne. Payne's stock has risen sharply following the draft combine and workouts, and Minnesota is, I think, resigned to eventually needing a replacement for Kevin Love. Payne is as good an option as any.

                              14. Phoenix drafts Jusuf Nurkic. Phoenix needs size: they need somebody who can bang in the frontcourt and win those battles. Nurkic is the best available option.

                              15. Atlanta drafts James Young. It's a good fit for Atlanta: they need a wing, Young has crazy athleticism and lots of upside. He's a fine fifteenth pick.

                              16. Chicago drafts Doug McDermott. Yeah, I think Dougie McBuckets drops out of the lottery. I think teams are spooked and he'll get picked up by the first mid-round drafter who needs dependable bench scoring. Which is Chicago, and it's not even close.

                              17. Boston drafts Elfrid Payton. They need a Rondo replacement if Rondo bolts to the Knicks in free agency next year (or if they trade him). Payton's got the hot buzz. I think they go after him.

                              18. Phoenix drafts Cleanthony Early. A super-athletic wing to complement their dynamic backcourt seems like a no-brainer for Phoenix.

                              19. Chicago drafts Rodney Hood. Like I said before: Chicago needs scoring desperately. Hood is a lights-out three-point shooter (and Chicago needs floor spacing) and he's huge for a shooting guard, so he'll fit in neatly with Thibodeau's grinding style.

                              20. Toronto drafts Tyler Ennis. Yes, I really think he's going to fall to us - and if he does, we take him. It's really just that simple.

                              21. Oklahoma drafts Clint Capela. They've realized how screwed they are for bigs when they don't have Ibaka handy. Capela gives them a second option in that regard.

                              22. Memphis drafts TJ Warren. Memphis needs a secondary scoring option and Warren will be the best option remaining at this point.

                              23. Philly drafts Kyle Anderson. Philly has a lot of kids and no real playmaker since Michael Carter-Williams is much more of a scoring point guard. Anderson is the perfect complement to a roster full of rookies: a totally unselfish player who knows how to put the ball in the right person's hands at all times.

                              24. Charlotte drafts PJ Hairston. Charlotte needs wing shooting, even after they draft Stauskas. Hairston is a good shooter with the potential to become an excellent one, and athletically he's NBA-ready right now.

                              25. Houston drafts Kristaps Porzingis. Houston doesn't want someone to develop right now: they're on a mission to compete. Porzingis is a fine draft-and-stash option, or alternately he's a true 7-footer who can back up Dwight Howard. Either way, it works.

                              26. Miami drafts Jordan Adams. Miami's positions of need are basically their entire backcourt: Mario Chalmers might leave this year and Dwyane Wade is aging faster and faster. Adams is the best option remaining for them to try and start fixing the hole.

                              27. Phoenix drafts Mitch McGary. Like I said before: Phoenix needs size. McGary has it.

                              28. The Clippers draft KJ McDaniels. An athletic forward who's already playing good defense and just needs work on his jumper might as well have "Doc Rivers project" written all over him.

                              29. Oklahoma drafts Glenn Robinson III. OKC needs more depth EVERYWHERE and I think they go for GR3 on the wing.

                              30. San Antonio drafts Shabazz Napier. Guess who's going to be the next Tony Parker? G'wan, guess.