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What do you think about Landry Fields next season?

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    The only value Fields has to the team is an expiring $6.25M salary (on payroll) and $8.5M in reality. He will not be traded. Expiring contracts are only worth value when other teams are trying to shed their bloated salary to get under the cap quicker. So if you want to exchange Fields for another crappy player than sure but I don't see MU doing that - even if draft picks were returned.

    Plus the 'bad contract' has almost disappeared in the new CBA. Most contract are for only 4 years, and players up for trade possibly at their 3 year mark. The 5 year contracts are typically designated as the star player on that team.. and if a team is willing to give that guy up for a player like Fields than you know that player sucks.

    With Casey's contract renewed I just don't see how Fields gets playing time. What would be different this year as compared to last year? His shot will probably still be broken. He can still play defense but he's not really a veteran so someone else will get more minutes.

    He will be BC's last mistake that MU will need to correct.. I just see him expiring though by the end of next year.


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      Did you guys see a show called Sing Your Face Off? It was on last night. There was nothing else on so I tried watching it.... because the host mentioned Landry Fields.

      So the part I was able to watch was Landry Fields impersonating Enrique Iglesius and doing his own rendition of "Hero". It was seriously some funny shiet.
      your pal,


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        Can you post a vid of that?


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          I don't have video I've made of it, but a quick google yielded a number of results:

          Landry becomes Lionel Ritchie:

          As Nicki Minaj:

          As Pitbull:

          As Enrique:

          I know you guys were complaining about how he should spending his off time more wisely.. but watching this, well at least I understand how he got his hot wife.. dude is hilarious and willing to make a complete fool of himself on national television.

          Chicks dig that kind of stuff.
          your pal,


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            And I'm sure being 6'8 220 lb has nothing to do with it if you know what I mean

            He's been doing impersonations on that show for the entire offseason ahhahahha
            I'm back. I no longer worship joe johnson


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              Hahaha this was good


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                Fuck Landry, go work on your shot lol
                You come at the King, you best not miss.


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                  The show was shot in 2013 off season, but i hope hes in a gym right now working on ball.


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                    Seems he'll only be good for halftime entertainment next season.


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                      I think he's a better Nicki Minaj impersonator than a basketball player at this point.

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