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Top 25 All Time Raptor Players

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    planetmars wrote: View Post
    List is pretty good. I would have found a way to add Bargnani and Marshall. Don't think I would have included Rose or Lou. Lou won 6MOY but again only one season and we got swept by the Wizards that year. Danny and Marc are different since we won a chip with them. So they have to be in here.

    Bargnani had his moments as a Raptor even though we sucked and he was a big part of that. But he helped us score buckets when that was really our only calling card.

    Here is my ranking:

    25. Marshall
    24. Oakley
    23. Parker
    22. TJ Ford
    21. Marc
    20. Danny
    19. Bargnani
    18. TMac
    17. Christie
    16. JYD
    15. Serge
    14. Boogie
    13. FVV
    12. Amir
    11. A. Davis
    10. MoPete
    9. Jose
    8. JV
    7. Pascal
    6. Damon
    5. Bosh
    4. DeMar
    3. Vince
    2. Kawhi
    1. Kyle
    Can we erase Chris Bosh from any all time Raptors list ? It seems to me in his mind he has erased any memories of his time with the Raptors . Heck you can add Davis with Chris Bosh ..


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      Damon is way too high, so is Bargnani, Marc is way too low, FVV too low, and where is Gabajosa?