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LeBron to the Toronto Raptors???

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  • For those who disputed weather Bosh really took a pay cut to go the Heat you might think different now .. Heat would like Bosh
    to opt out and so too pay him less but if he were a Raptor he would be collecting 40 million for the next two years ..


    • DanH wrote: View Post
      **** Brooklyn.
      FUCK Brooklyn!

      You can't get fined on the RR forums, let the F Bombs fly!


      • Fuck brooklyn yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!


        • SI put up a "how your team will try to get LeBron - and why they'll fail" article last night.


          The pitch:The fine print:
          So basically their reason for it not happening boils down to "well, it's Toronto..." which is what you have to expect from American writers. Their top five (and their cons for each):

          1. San Antonio (nearly impossible to make work financially unless LeBron signs for the MLE)
          2. Miami (competitiveness entirely reliant on D-Wade taking a massive pay cut, which appears unlikely)
          3. Golden State (very hard to make the money work and Bogut's health problematic for their defense)
          4. LA Clippers (the uncertainty of the Donald Sterling situation is... a problem, to say the least)
          5. OKC (questions about LeBron being able to mesh with Durant and Westbrook)

          So that's at least three teams where the money just doesn't work being ranked higher than T-dot.


          • You have to think that Lebron would, at the very least, listen to what Lieweke/Ujiri have to say for no other reason than professional courtesy. And from there, anything is possible.

            Note: "possible" does not equal "likely"