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Game #5: Toronto Raptors 125 - Detroit Pistons 113

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    Look I hate to say this as a Raps fan, but we got smoked when Embiid was on the floor on that series. Gasol absolutely made a difference (it could have been worse) but it was still bad. Embiid's tummy troubles helped us more than anything tbh. And that's the only real thing holding Embiid back, the guy's physically fragile.

    Jokic is also very, very good but the comparison on the defensive end can't really even be made. There is no comparison.
    Yeah, to some degree. With Gasol out there to guard him, the 76ers had a +11 net rating. Which is significant, but over the course of say 36 minutes is about an 8 point deficit. Hardly getting crushed. Allowing Serge to take those minutes (where the 76ers had a +50 net rating, literally) was the disaster.