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Raptors 2014 Free Agency: non-Raptors thread

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  • I don't understand the Celtics offseason

    They overpayed for Avery Bradley
    Drafted Marcus Smart and James Young
    Traded for Marcus Thornton
    And now signed Evan Turner

    But they're bigman core consist of Jared Sullinger, Kelly Olynyk, and Brandon Bass

    What the hell is going on in Boston?
    "Both teams played hard my man" - Sheed


    • Boston is in almost the exact same situation now as they were in 2006-07. Crappy team with a star player (this time it's Rondo instead of Pierce) and basically unlimited young prospects and picks to trade.


      • Boston has a few tough to unload assets which may look more attractive after this they still might be one more season from setting fire to the team.

        Rondo is 12m expiring
        Wallace still has another year after this one at around 10m
        Green has a player option that given the recent market forces he would be stupid to pick up
        Bogans has one of those sweetheart salary dump contracts (completely unguaranteed and no guarantee date)
        on top of which add innummerable picks, and several rookie deals.

        Half the team looks structured to be competetitive and could be blown up to get young...the other half is trade bait that could make the veteran half a lot better.

        I don't think betting on either outcome is a losing bet
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