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    Where's all this talk about him being a douchebag or a headcase coming from? He could be a great role player for us. He can play the 1 for spot minutes, he's a great defender and not too bad from 3. And i think his dip in performance last year was more of a result of the whole Knicks situation than his previous injury.

    But I don't know about trading a pick for him. There're just too many uncertainties right now with our roster. Depending on what UM decides to do with our free agents that pick would be useful to fill a position of need


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      Letter N wrote: View Post
      I don't unzip my pants for anything less than Bar Rafaeli. Get your standards up young fella.
      This has gotten soooooo far off-topic.
      The name's Bond, James Bond.


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        imanshumpert wrote: View Post
        This, it's funny how on the internet guys have such "high" standards for girls.
        no funnier than how some internet guys have such "high" standards for players.

        just shooting the shit man, it's fun.

        and yeah, iggy's a babe
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        Heh, if he is in the D-league still in a few years I will be surprised.
        He's terrible."

        -Superjudge, 7/23

        Hope you're wrong.


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          Shump for Hansbourgh or for the #37 pick...I like shump, i agree he was stuck behind Melo/JR and now Hardaway jr. is young gun NY is focusing he could be a great value pick up but I'm not prepared to give up anything more than Tyler and/or the #37 pick