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  • Draft Updates + Impact on the Team

    Cleveland - Andrew Wiggins - Oh no, they picked Another Canadian in this year's heavy draft, haha. Wiggins will be the icon of the team unless the Cavs trade him to the Sixers but who knows. Wiggins will be the starting SF so goodbye to Lebron James talk

    Milwaukee - Jabari Parker - The Bucks are getting better with Parker, Adetoukompo, and Henson. I guess with this move, Parker will play the 3 spot while Adetoukompo will play the 4 with Henson being the 6th man. I think the Bucks will get better over the years, they just need a good PG and a decent shot blocking C

    Philly - Joel Embiid - I guess we will have a new twin towers in the NBA with Embiid and Nerlens Noel in the team with MCW handling the Point, the Sixers will improve drastically next year, would love to see this team play with MCW at PG, Tony Wroten Jr at SG, Thad Young at SF, Noel at 4 and Embiid at 5

    Orlando - Aaron Gordan - Wow what a surprise, Gordan being the first PF to be selected at No4, guess the Magic are desperate at the PF position. They should've selected Exum, Smart or Vonleh. If Gordan becomes a Blake Griffin 2.0, the Magic sure have robbed this draft's gold but if he turns into an Araujo, watch out.

    Utah - Dante Exum - Wise pick by the Jazz, he will be a good player for years to come. The Jazz need a face of the franchise and enter Exum.

    Boston - Marcus Smart - With this pick, Rajon Rondo is expendable, will probably be traded along with a filler to a playoff contender team

    LA Lakers - Julius Randle - Wow, guess Vonleh is going down the drain. I like Randle but I don't see him as a fit for the Lakers. Now the Lakers will have to do something with Gasol.

    Sacramento - Nik Stauskas - Great pick by the Kings, the Kings add a sharpshooter, could potentially be their 6th man or start as opposed to B-Mac.

    Charlotte - Noah Vonleh - Good pick by the Bobcats, now he can pair up with Big Al and form a dynamic duo, the Hornets are a great team moving forward.

    Philly (Traded to Orlando) Elfrid Payton - Great trade by the Sixers, looks like the Magic found their starting PG in Payton

    Denver (Traded to Chicago) - Doug McDermott - Great trade by the Bulls, McDermott will be a Bull, awesome!

    Orlando (Traded to Philly) Dario Saric - Meh, we won't see him in this league in 2-3 years so who cares and he may pull a Fran Vazquez

    Minnesota - Zach LaVine - Great pick by the Wolves, he will compete his minutes with K-Mart and Shabazz Muhammad

    Phoenix - TJ Warren - A good pick by the Suns, they need a starting SF of a defender in Warren

    Atlanta - Adriean Payne - Ok, this is one of the guys I want to see in Raptors uniform but it looks like the Hawks got him. Payne will be a great backup behind Millsap and will provide the team with some energy

    Chicago - Jusuf Nurkic - Great pick by the Bulls, Nurkic could develop into a decent backup C behind Joakim Noah

    Boston - James Young - Ok, this is a no brainer of a pick but with Gary Harris on the clock, I dont know why the Celtics won't pick him but getting Young is a safer pick.

    Phoenix - Tyler Ennis - Oh no, our pick is gone

    Chicago -

    Toronto - Who? Who? Who? This is a shock, omg, back to 2004 NBA Draft where we acquired Raphael Araujo when Igoudala was available. Omg, this is it. I'm done

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    I know I shouldn't, but I just can't stop laughing. This is a hilariously Raptors thing to do.
    That is a normal collar. Move on, find a new slant.


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      2014 = Mind boggling, most emotional draft of all time. With Wiggins and Parker going back to back and the uncertainty of Exum, Smart, Randle, and Vonleh. Stauskas and Ennis are all gone before our pick. Adriean Payne with his emotional draft with tribute to Princess Lacey and last but not least, the standing ovation for Isiah Austin who can't play in the NBA. Wow but this is something not expected, Brazilian Durant and I don't see this kid play in this league for another 2-3 years but with the 20th pick when K.Anderson, S.Napier, J.Stokes, KJ McDaniels, heck even James McAdoo are available. Wtf?