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  • It All Started

    It all started when Masai Ujiri is watching the playoff game between OKC Thunder and LA Clippers, when he's so amazed at the style of and play of Kevin Durant so he comes up to KD and tells him, "Hey as long as I remain as a GM of the Raptors, I will sign you up when you become a FA in 2016." KD shrugs him and says to Ujiri, "You have to speak with my agent about that." Ujiri shruggs, "We will see." So at the end of May, when OKC was beaten by the Spurs, Ujiri comes up to Durant's agent Aaron Goodwin and Rob Pelinka at a dinner while having some of the finest Oakland's vodkha and wine, they are discussing of luring KD to the Raptors given the fact that Grevais Vazquez will sign a multi-year contract with the Raptors, being the second Raptor to sign a larger contract since Demar DeRozan and the fact that they will probably not resign Kyle Lowry and have him walk when July hits. They all agree and just few days before the draft, the agents called Masai and tells him to youtube a Brazilian guy by the name of Bruno Caboclo, Masaii was astonished and see so much of KD in him so he replys to the agents, "Oh wow, this guy plays like KD, imagine the two plays together in 2016." And thus lead to tonight's draft, Masaii in his chair with the rest assistant GMs and Coach Casey, "Alrighty, forget about those players in the summer camp," we are getting Bruno Caboclo at No20 and see if we can acquire Tyler Ennis somehow before the end of tonight's draft.