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Game #19: Utah Jazz 110 - Toronto Raptors 130

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  • Zak24gege
    Indiana lost at tough one. With 30 seconds to go, Pacers up by 1 with ball after Turner steals a bad T. Harris pass. As shot clock is running down, T-J Warren commits a live ball turnover. Simmons pushes the ball up-court and delivers a pass to Harris for a dunk with 9.9 seconds to go. Pacers call TO. Then committed a turnover on the in-bound pass, Game over as it then became FT contest. Pacers shot 55 FG% and 50 3P%. Turnovers, 20, cost them the win. Philly also shot 32 / 36 FT's. Should've snapped Philly's home unbeaten streak.

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  • G__Deane
    Houston dropped 158 on Atlanta tonight

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  • DanH
    If Lowry has been upgraded to doubtful I fully expect him to play. Because Lowry.

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  • Demographic Shift
    This is going to be a contrast of styles. The raps love to get out and run off their defense and look to kill teams in transition with Siakam and Davis and if he can do what he did against Orlando again, Norm.

    Utah is going to want to slow it down to a half court game with Connolly controlling the pace and working late into the clock.

    Intangible is Utah has been on the road since Nov 25. It’s game three in five days.
    Kinda think Serge is back in tomorrow on a short leash.
    Too bad for the Mormons as the rigours of the NBA schedule have them a little tired right now. Pascal rediscovers his shot as does the rest of the team and they again put up enough points to win against a quality opponent.

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  • Bendit
    Here's something I came across "Goldblum" which maybe of interest! Did not realize he was so big with the "underground" set.... and aboveground right here on RR... lol. Thanks for the laffs, Jeffrey.

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    started a topic Game #19: Utah Jazz 110 - Toronto Raptors 130

    Game #19: Utah Jazz 110 - Toronto Raptors 130

    Wasn't that fun!?!?!?!
    Playing the Magic AGAIN!!?!??!!??

    Shame we won't see them again until the last game of the regular season.

    Let us never speak of them again.


    Well ... it was the root of our championship run last year and it's coming to town on Sunday...

    You know it... You love it...

    IT'S JAZZ BABY!!!!!!!!

    (...Unless it's from Utah.)

    I was just looking back at those glorius album covers Mixx made for his championship threads... Goddamn, those are beautiful.

    You know what else'd be beautiful... if Kyle and Serge were coming back tomorrow, as had initially been suggested... however, it appears that's looking unlikely.

    As such --

    They remain unchanged...


    The Tabernacle
    Jazz Choir

    ...Listen, these choirboys are about to have a rude awakening cause we all know Nick Nurse wrote the book on jazz.

    Don't play humble Nick, That's Pascal's moniker.

    We're 8-0 at home. Let's keep it going.

    Let's go get #9.

    (...Hurry back, Serge.)

    GO RAPS!!!!!!!!!!!!!