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    one to wrote: View Post
    I personally don't believe the MIA rumors... it might sound crazy but bosh > lowry.. bosh starting with amir backup would be best depth 4 in the league or we trade amir and keep ppat either way. Bosh is not a banger big but him with bigger offensive role plus Jonas in the paint I think would be a better team then this years... but still not a contender by a long shot. There new prospect seems very interesting.. with his physical traits he could've gone to ncaa this year and be a lottery pick next year.. I can definatly say this offseason the Raptors are at the fork in the road.
    I think Lowry will re-sign. Ignore media. Logically. He gets paid. He is the alpha dog. His team could be a top 2 seed in east next year and even number one if Lebron bolts to western conference. He knows the system and the players. I know we are always the bridesmaid in a TO but look at the logic.


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      Likes are forever!
      "They're going to have to rename the whole conference after us: Toronto Raptors 2014-2015 Northern Conference Champions" ~ ezzbee Dec. 2014

      "I guess I got a little carried away there" ~ ezzbee Apr. 2015

      "We only have one rule on this team. What is that rule? E.L.E. That's right's, E.L.E, and what does E.L.E. stand for? EVERYBODY LOVE EVERYBODY. Right there up on the wall, because this isn't just a basketball team, this is a lifestyle. ~ Jackie Moon


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        Primer wrote: View Post
        Not even an ESPN rumor. Bucher was fired by ESPN. He's making shit up trying to stay relevant. He seriously said Miami will sign and trade for both Lowry and Melo. That is fucking impossible, and should let you know what horseshit the rumor was to begin with.

        I don't know why teams wanna help Miami. They pretty much ruined the Eastern conference.