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NBA draft Grades are out ?

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    So much to process. Especially with Philly. And even more so since it's 2014 and there is a higher emphasis on drafting around free agency more than ever.
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      I am guessing it was

      E. Payton
      G. Harris

      Also remember they had first and second round boards up.

      Bruno was known to be a project but because of his up bringing and length it was/is a perceived worthwhile project. Especially since outside of Dante Exum he is the youngest player in the draft. The kid is only 18 so it means that he has the time to get better. By the time he is ready to be a solid contributor he will be the same age as most of the kids in this draft class who are coming out of college. This is not including the fact that the kid will have a year/2 years under your own development program where you really have a hands on program in place that isn't seen by the public eye.

      I think the real test of an organization will be not only how they draft but how they develop those picks. If Bruno develops into a solid pick it will partially be because of his hard work, but it will additionally come as a result of the development/training staff that is in place.

      He needs to work on his handles, english, and body. He also just needs to keep playing. He has the tools so he just needs to refine them. Shooting is one thing he can check off. He will shoot better and play better once he can take the hits and drive and take contact. He has the right mind set around defence but he just needs to get used to it so thats something I am not worried about. He is kind of goggly eyed so he probably has sweet court vision. He will grow into a great player. I don't think his ceiling is Durant but more of a Peja S. with defence or Batum if he gains the weight/strength.