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Salmon Alabi: Does RR remember MU's Man from few years ago ??

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    50th meh, trade it for cash considerations


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      Can someone please explain to me how in the fuck Alabi was a bust? He was the 50th pick, wtf did you expect? The fact that he was even able to have an 11pts 19reb game at all (throwaway tank-a-thon game non-withstanding) is actually better than 90% of the guys picked at that spot. Some of you are annoying the hell out of me right now with your poor logic.

      Ujiri has an excellent draft record with the two other late 1st round picks he's had so far:

      2012: Evan Fourner with the 20th pick. Showing great potential as an all-around SG, can shoot the 3, rebound well, and make plays for others. The fact that he was basically traded straight up for Afflalo, who had pretty high value after a career-year, should indicate that was a great pick.

      2011: Kenneth Faried with the 22nd pick. Double-double machine, put up 18-11 per 36 last year on 57% TS.


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        japetas wrote: View Post
        If anyone is not happy you can always cheer for another team - after the draft, Tyler Ennis and Phoenix joins Canadian-filled Cleveland as most attractive options I might be wrong, but i guess a big part of critics aren't going to the ACC to cheer for the Raptors, so there is no difference if you cheer for Toronto, Cleveland or Phoenix
        This, go cheer for the Cavs or Suns if you're mad that Ujiri didn't select the Canadian trifecta (Ennis, Birch, Bachynski) with our picks. The Kings are an option too with Stauskas there, maybe you can watch some more Rudy Gay iso-ball too while you're at it.


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          Jamshid wrote: View Post
          LOOOOLLLLL, Do you know how childish you look when you feel the need to include insults in every single post that you make here ?
          Dude, you include insults in every post you make. Why don't you try and cut back on the smileys and the trolling, and maybe try and draw a rational conclusion.

          Your logic is incredibly flawed.

          Yes it's possible Bruno doesn't work out and becomes in hindsight, a bad pick, but drawing any kind of conclusion from the Solomon Alibi pick is a fallacy.

          BUT you could say something like: "guys, it worries me that Masai might just be enamored with international players from basketball without borders. I hope this is a smart pick, but it could be another Salomon Alibi."

          But then, when people point out the differences between the situation, instead of saying, "you live in a fantasy world", which is clearly not true, and it's hardly like you're providing sound logic, you accept them, and point out the similarities and acknowledge how the situation is different.

          That's the behavior of a grown man.
          Heh, if he is in the D-league still in a few years I will be surprised.
          He's terrible."

          -Superjudge, 7/23

          Hope you're wrong.


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            Yeah, Jamshid.. I dont know what happened to you, but ever since the draft you've become a contrarian with your new found ability of clairvoyance. You feel like you, and no one else, knows what the future of Bruno is going to look like... and its bleak. You don't like the pick, thats fine, but back it up with points and not useless comparisons and anecdotes. And if you don't have great points, admit that its how you FEEL Bruno will turn out, not how you KNOW Bruno will turn out.

            Currently, you are a conversation killer.
            The Baltic Beast is unstoppable!