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    Dark Knight wrote: View Post
    If I were MLSE, I would sell the team to another owner who is willing to spend money in order to win (I wonder if Jim Balsillie is into basketball...).

    If I'm BC, I ask my dad to do all the decision making stuff.
    DK, why aren't you willing to spend money in order to win? I thought you were better than that.


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      obviouslywow wrote: View Post
      All of the savvy drafting was done when Pritchard was assistant G.M, the year they traded Tyrus Thomas for Aldridge and Randy Foye for Brandon Roy. Im sure he was involved in the deals as assistant, ill give credit where credit is due.

      Since taking the reins, he took Oden over Durant - injuries or not a clear mistake - and his other 2 first round picks have been Brandon Rush and Victor Claver, as well as several 2nd round picks who have not panned out. Ok, not a lot here, i would probably call this a wash due to insufficient sample size, but he definitely doesnt jump out at me as a great drafter.

      He has made some great trades, but the point im getting to (eventually) is if you do want to build through the draft, its hard to argue with Colangelo.

      Notable picks: Michael Finley(21st), Steve Nash(15th), Stephen Jackson(43rd), Shawn Marion(9th), Amare Stoudemire(9th), Leandro Barbosa(29th, acquired rights from SA for future 1st rd pick).

      Yes there have been some bad picks in there as well but that is a pretty solid record. With Toronto, i HATED the Bargnani pick but in hindsight that was a terrible draft year, getting a solid 2nd/3rd offensive option is more than anyone else could say that year outside of Brandon Roy. Some people argued Aldridge would have been a better fit(i sure did) but i would put the 2 players on similar levels. This year Derozan has been neither a bust or breakout, giving us solid contributions on some nights and not much on others, around what most expected. Brandon Jennings would have been nice, but i highly doubt he would have got half the touches in Toronto he gets in Milwaukee(especially at the start of the year).

      I am not a fan of BC at all. He has made some terrible deals in his time in Toronto. But if the draft is our only option - and its hard to see us going any other way if Bosh walks - then that seems like the one thing BC CAN do right.
      The problem is his track record at the draft from post-2002 is fairly underwhelming (unless you count Bargs as a stud).
      Anyhow, I wouldn't count on his decision making in the draft unless his dad signed paperwork indicating that he is to take full responsibility for his son's future mistakes.