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Raptors Salary Cap Situation (and planning for the future)

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  • Notes on MLE and current status after draft:

    What I will be fascinated by is whether the Raptors make offers with term. They have Boucher and Thad to re-sign, and the MLE to use. They'll probably try to use a slice of the MLE to give Koloko three years. But with salaries crunching over the next few years, maybe they prioritize keeping flexibility in future years and try for one year deals.

    Now, a one year deal for a guy like Boucher or Thad would mean they get a no trade clause, which is not great for trade flexibility at the deadline, so they'd want to be able to buy a 2nd unguaranteed season. They'd need to pay more to get them without term, let alone with that second year unguaranteed. Similarly, if they want a one year deal for their MLE signing, you aren't getting a 9M player if you won't give term on the deal. Maybe that deal is small enough that you can fit it into the longer term salary structure, but even then if you are offering slightly sub-MLE you might get outbid.

    Lots to consider.

    But, assuming they offer term at the MLE or near to it, some interesting names (looking for shooting and defence and a little playmaking if possible at the wing or guard spot):

    Gary Harris
    Delon Wright
    Kyle Anderson
    Tyus Jones
    Bruce Brown Jr
    Ricky Rubio (no idea what his market will be like after that injury, a guy who might be open to a 1 year MLE)
    Nic Batum
    Malik Monk would be OK but not sure he fits the defensive ethos

    A lot of those guys will end up priced out of our range regardless of term but that's why it's not a list of one.

    The other thing is roster spots.

    Raps have 13 guys on the roster assuming Boucher and Thad are back (and they don't waive Brooks or Banton). They also have Champagnie, who I suspect is beyond a two-way now, so will need a spot, and Koloko of course, so that's 15. Someone needs to not be there if they are spending the MLE. Cutting Svi would do it.

    Final consideration, pretty sure they won't be entering the tax this year, and right now (with just Koloko assumed at the minimum) they have 12 guys taking them to a tax total of 117.3M. Tax line is at 148.3M, leaving them almost exactly 31M for the final three spots. Four spots if they cut Svi.

    If they cut Svi and give Champagnie a minimum deal, that's 29M left for Boucher, Thad and MLE guy. If you give all three term that is probably enough. If you try to stick to one year deals, you probably lose one of Boucher or Thad. But we'll see.


    • Wrote a thing on future considerations when thinking about signings this offseason:

      And even got invited on a podcast, so listen in before the podcast goes under, I'm sure to have sunk them.


      • I've got the Raps with, assuming Koloko signs for the minimum and the worst case cuts re: guarantee and salary (Banton and Champagnie cut, which seems exceedingly unlikely), a total of 145.4M, with a tax line of 150.3M. So plenty of room to drop Svi (1.9M) and keep an extra cut.

        More likely Wilson (who is a more expensive contract) is the cut and Brooks takes Svi's spot. If that more likely scenario takes place, the total is 146.1M. Way more wiggle room than last season.


        • Any new thoughts based on the salary cap increase?

          Is there a salary crunch crisis on the horizon?

          Or could this allow us to work towards keeping everybody in the coming years?

          What. Is. The Endgame?

          (Do give me hope.)


          • Next season's (2023-24) salary cap seems to be going up by an extra 1M compared to expected. Every little bit helps, but nothing game changing there.

            That said, as I've noted before, we can likely re-sign our key guys without going into the tax, so long as they aren't too ridiculous in price.