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Raptors Salary Cap Situation (and planning for the future)

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  • Was Weezy on a (non-guaranteed) 2-way (that's what they said in some Daily Hive article)? Or is there a chance we retain him on a 2-way?


    • SkywalkerAC wrote: View Post
      Was Weezy on a (non-guaranteed) 2-way (that's what they said in some Daily Hive article)? Or is there a chance we retain him on a 2-way?
      He was not on a 2-way. He was on a NG regular NBA contract.

      I think we could sign him to a 2-way but whether he would want that I'm not sure.


      • much cap space are we looking at this season (assuming we decline Bruce's option)? And will we have this kind of room to swing for it again any time soon?


        • SkywalkerAC wrote: View Post
 much cap space are we looking at this season (assuming we decline Bruce's option)? And will we have this kind of room to swing for it again any time soon?
          Right now, assuming we decline Brown, but keep Quickley's cap hold on the books (to use cap room before re-signing him), and otherwise let our free agents walk (Gary, Nwora, Olynyk), we would have:

          $93.5M committed to 8 players (including Quickley and his hold)
          Another ~4M for the Pacers draft pick depending on where they land
          Another minimum salary for our 2nd rounder
          And then two more minimum salary slot cap holds to fill out the roster

          That makes 101M committed and ~40M in cap room (141M projected salary cap).

          The max RFA contract is 35.25M. Max offer for a 7-9 year player (typical UFA) is 42.3M.

          This all assumes we don't keep our own pick. If we end up in the 1-6 range, that's an additional cap hit of 7.5M-12.5M, replacing a minimum cap hold of 1.2M. So 6.3M to 11.3M less cap space.

          For future years, need to assume some stuff. Let's say we lose the pick this year, and our only long term re-sign this year is Quickley, at a starting salary of 23M, then next summer (2025) we have:

          122.2M for 6 players (Scottie, Jak, IQ, RJ, Gradey, Agbaji)
          Another ~4M or so for the Pacers pick from this upcoming draft
          A 2nd year minimum salary for the Detroit pick in this draft
          Some amount set aside for our own pick in 2025 (say, 10th overall pick, $6M)

          That's 138.5M in a 155M cap. Leaves 16.6M. MLE is 14.1M for reference.

          So unless we use cap space this summer, probably best to plan to be over the cap until after the Scottie Barnes era is over (which is hopefully a really long time from now).


          • Thanks Dan. Looks like we’ll have 25-30 mill in cap space to spread around (hard to imagine a major star/starting lineup upgrade) on some winning vets.


            • At the deadline we kept two guys with expiring contracts - Gary and Brown. I don't know why people would assume we won't just go with the cap space and sign a guy or two that better fit what we're trying to do, or facilitate some immediate cap relief for tax teams and pick up assets that way. Maybe it makes sense to sign Gary and pick up Brown's option and trade him (e.g. at the draft) but cap space seems like a viable route as well.


              • Now that Kelly is extended, the Raps currently project to have at about 28M in cap space, if they let Gary and Nwora walk, opt out of Brown, but keep Quickley's cap hold to re-sign him.

                If they luck into the top 4 and keep their draft pick, that number would drop by 8-11.5M, depending on the exact pick they land.

                Worth noting there is also the room MLE (about 8M) they can use after using cap room. So smaller re-signs like a Nwora could be put off by renouncing his rights and then just using that exception to sign him after using cap room. But a guy like Gary I would expect to be too expensive to keep without using up some cap space.


                • OK, current projection:

                  RJ 26M
                  Jak 19.5M
                  Kelly 13M
                  Scottie 11M
                  Boucher 11M
                  Gradey 5M
                  McDaniels 5M
                  Ochai 4.5M
                  19th Pick 3.5M

                  That's 9 guys.

                  IQ has a cap hold of 12.5M and is RFA.

                  I doubt we carry cap holds for other guys, if we re-sign someone like Nwora it'll be with an exception or something.

                  Gary's cap hold is high, so if we use cap space and also keep him we'll re-sign him first so his salary counts on the cap instead.

                  Brown has a team option for 23M. If we go for cap space it means we opted out of that.

                  JFL's deal is a minimum deal and almost completely unguaranteed, so they can keep him or drop him, no major impact (~600k cap room hit if they keep him).

                  So, best case cap room (keeping IQ):
                  112M to 9 guys, IQ's hold makes 10, so two empty roster slot cap holds. Leaves ~29M in cap room.

                  If they use cap room, they also get the room MLE (8M per year, two years term max) on top of that. Can re-sign IQ to whatever they want after using cap room and move above the cap.

                  That 29M could be a single FA, multiple FAs, used in a trade to take on salary. Could also keep Gary (say for like 15M) and have another 15M to spend on another MLE level guy and outbid the MLE market (MLE starts just under 13M this year). Not enough to really chase a big name in FA, so no stealing OG or Pascal back, but still a lot of wiggle room.

                  Alternatively, they keep Brown on the books, or trade him for a similar salary, and then they are operating over the cap, but without the top 6 pick, now likely have the flexibility to keep IQ and Trent and also use the MLE on a FA, and if they are careful they can stay just under the tax.


                  • So after the trade and draft, now looking at 21.7M in cap room if we cut Brown. Or about 17M under the tax if we keep him (assuming 25M starting salary for IQ).

                    Enough space to make an interesting offer if we want.


                    • Quickley's contract is flat at 35M per year. So now we're about 2M below the tax line, pending any added flexibility from a potential Vezenkov buyout.