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Hey BC, Warriors Just Waived Raja Bell

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  • Hey BC, Warriors Just Waived Raja Bell

    Obviously Raja can't help this team this season because the last that I recall he was out for the season because of a wrist injury, but what about for next season? Seeing how BC is going to have to be creative with the cap, Bell could probably come relatively cheap and I think he still has a couple decent seasons left in him. Not to mention be a considerable upgrade to our back court defence.


    Marcus Thornton delivered an update via Twitter confirming Williams won't be let go and that Bell will be waived.
    Source - Click here

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    I like him. Will be much better fit than Wright is.


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      If they could land Raja Bell that would be great but I'm sure a lot of teams will be calling him now. Maybe if Colangelo guarantees a starting spot for the rest of the season? The helps the Raptors win games and helps Bell showcase himself for his next contract, his last shot at a payday.


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        He's washed up.

        He's the same type of player as Antoine Wright, and I don't think Bell is be as good as Wright.
        RR OG


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          Gotta agree with Realizer on this one. I'm not sure that he can bring anything to the Raps. But he may be a useful piece on a contending team that is a tweak a way from putting them over the top.


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            Defense and toughness.


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              What I wanna know is how the hell Marcus Thornton knows about everything that happens in Oakland?


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                Considering how badly this team has fallen apart over the last 3 weeks or so, does squeeking into the playoffs with the last available spot really worth it or would you not prefer the lottery pick instead?


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                  Welcome Marry!

                  Like it or not the Raptors have a lotto pick now and a goose egg this year for playoff games.