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Game #52: Toronto Raptors 115 - Indiana Pacers 106

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  • Zak24gege wrote: View Post
    Can't leave it at 13...Does TD start tomorrow?
    My guess is that McCaw starts, but Davis closes

    Please get well soon Kyle, and just take all-star break off 😢
    The name's Bond, James Bond.


    • MixxAOR wrote: View Post

      Wonder if he's better than McCaw
      Does this question ever need to be asked? It's McCaw!


      • S.R. wrote: View Post

        Second night of a b2b and they didn't have Russ. But yeah, one risk will be wearing down.

        I hope they keep it up. It's like D'Antoni ball has assumed it's final form. I really want to see them play 8 perimeter guys only in a 7 game playoff series, the adjustments should be fascinating.
        Would be cool to see Nick scheme against it in the finals


        • How many years ago was it that Kyle was injured but didn't skip the AS game?
          Or was he injured, played the AS game but reinjured on the break/days off after AS game?

          Hopefully he's healthy enough to show up but play very limited minutes


          • That was a fun game. Pretty close early on. Like two fighters swinging punches. Raps prevailed by just being the better team. Lots of positives. Serge continues to play very well. He's putting up some crazy numbers with Marc hurt. He's playing for a contract!

            OG started off poorly again, but he got so engaged on defense. Love that Fred and Kyle were trying to set him up to get him going. He ended up with 16 points. Good to see him bounce back in Indiana of all places.

            Kyle was awesome. 11 assists in 28 minutes. He could have another 5 if he didn't get hurt. That hit looked pretty bad.

            TD continues to be a wunderkid. No idea how Tolzman and Masai found him.. but he's going to be a star. We have to lock him up the first chance we get.

            Fred played well. It felt like he wanted to prove something to McConnel, and hated when he scored.

            The only negative honestly was Siakam's play. He was really inefficient. Only had 4 boards, and 0 assists. He was playing against a team he could have feasted on. But most of his poor play came after he got hit in the eye. So that easily could have played a role.

            We're really rolling right now. 7 games ahead of Indiana. We're up 3.5 on Miami after their loss. Still only 1.5 up on Boston though. That second seed is far from being locked up, especially since our March/April schedule looks a lot tougher.


            • Just watched the replay, TD is the real thing. Rookie with a NBA ready built, sound fundamentals at both ends of the court and fearless. He is more polished than a rookie Norman Powell. He is definitely a keeper. Its a matter of time that Nick Nurse give this guy consistent minutes when everyone are healthy.

              Serge is playing his best basketball, a contract year but his positive attitude rubs off with the other young guys in the team.

              OG is showing his late blooming self, but the dude can defend. Thats more important for a 5th-6th option core player. Consistency of his offense will come with experience. Why Masai/ Webster are so patient of his development.

              Hoping that Kyle is ok.

              13 game winning streak (4 wins against playoff bound teams). March and April schedule is a true test.

              But to top this long post game narrative is dedicated to the 24/7 forum stalker, living with mom basement dweller Keon...I pledged my dedication of trashing Hofer Patrick McCaw, until this guy is ship out of this team, I will remain the forever basher of that deadweight.
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              • BKN tonight. Is it just me or is there no game thread yet? We need JClaw on this!


                • JawsGT wrote: View Post
                  BKN tonight. Is it just me or is there no game thread yet? We need JClaw on this!