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Game #56: Phoenix Suns 101 - Toronto Raptors 118

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  • Puffer wrote:
    I saw something last night operating at a much higher level than I have noticed before. Maybe I have been oblivious to it, or maybe the Raptors have finally gotten really good at it, so that it has become noticeable. Here is a quote from Koreen's article in the Athletic this morning:

    "They are not particularly adept at scoring directly off shots from the post — even Siakam is only in the 56th percentile, according to Synergy Sports — but the way their offence functions after a post entry has been tremendously effective. While Siakam has to read the defence in those situations when double teams might come, his teammates have to do the same, knowing when they should cut into the space that Siakam would otherwise use and when to keep things clear for their scoring star.

    'In the post, that’s going to happen a lot,' Ibaka said of teams double-teaming Siakam in the post. 'It’s on him to read that and to play. We also have to do a better job. Sometimes when they double, and he tries to find us, and we need to do a better job moving, too, to make it easy for him. That’s what I did tonight.'”

    Last night I noticed cutters starting their cuts while the player with the ball was still moving into post position. The ball handler was expecting those cuts to come and their movement left open room for the cutter so it was obvious where the pass should be delivered to. It worked beautifully, multiple times, for easy dunks and layups. Maybe the Pacers are that bad, or maybe the Raptors have finally achieved that level of skill, I'm not sure. But I'll be looking for it again.
    You are correct Puffer, this transition to a post-initiated offense is a brand new thing. We've been a guard-oriented, perimeter drive & kick team for pretty much the entire Lowry+Masai era. It's a huge sign of respect that Lowry is gradually handing the keys over to Pascal and letting him drive once in a while.


    • golden wrote: View Post
      It's a huge sign of respect that Lowry is gradually handing the keys over to Pascal and letting him drive once in a while.
      Kyle keeps calling Pascal "My Beloved" on camera -- so I'd say that's another pretty good sign that he respects him. But yeah, certainly exercising it on the floor is another thing altogether. That was one flat-out incredible display of team basketball from everybody last night. (In that relation to that other, more up-to-date game thread.)