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Game #60: Toronto Raptors 118 - Denver Nuggets 133

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  • inthepaint wrote: View Post
    I don't buy the "McCaw can guard bigger wings" theory, he's too light. Davis & Norm can do it just as well, if not better because they're stronger.

    Nurse just thinks McCaw is the best overall player after the 7 champions, as incredible as it may be.

    In the payoffs you really just need a 1 guard, 1 wing and 1 big coming off the bench. That should be Norm, RHJ and Serge. The rest are for injury insurance . We got 3 more (TD, Thomas & Boucher) that could work as another guard/wing/big trio for that insurance.

    Nurse doesn't think that way though.
    I would't trust RHJ in a big game


    • G__Deane wrote: View Post

      More and more I get the feeling that we need another B-star like a Beal or Jimmy Buckets to add to Pascal in order to attract a Giannis. I don't think a superstar at his age is coming to play with Kyle to some degree, but with Gasol or Serge. Masai needs to work some magic prior to 2021 and that doesn't mean bringing back an aging run-it-back-out crew.

      No idea how to make those numbers work as I think I've been told before it's impossible
      They need to sell high on Siakam this summer. I just don't believe in this dude. Move him for a top 10 pick or for a good young player like Ayton or Booker.

      There's a lot of stats guy here like DanH . I'd like to see Siakam's numbers this year against top 10 teams and against bottom 10 teams.
      Mamba Mentality


      • Zak24gege wrote: View Post

        I would't trust RHJ in a big game
        I'd trust him more than McCaw...


        • Zak24gege wrote: View Post

          Thanks DanH. Are you sure about the 12? GSW had only 8 players dressed and available for their past two games. Looking at the GSW Box score from last night's game vs the WIZARDS, it shows only 11 players, 2 of which Did Not Dress and a third was a DNP. If 12 is the number then I guess what is provided to the NBA is different than the box score provided for media purposes?

          Paschell 33:22
          Mulder 31:11
          Poole 27:47
          Bowman Did Not Play
          Looney Did Not Dress
          Green Did Not Dress
          Yeah, the official NBA boxscore is the one to look at. In the case of the Warriors, they may be operating under a hardship exception right now, not sure. Teams can drop below 12 active slots for short periods throughout the season, but many don't bother unless it frees up another spot to sign a guy. Odds are GSW did so at some point to sign a 10-day guy and just haven't slid back up yet. In any case, a player being on the active roster has no real bearing on whether they were actually available to play.


          • HogieTime wrote: View Post
            NeedTristanThompson are you watching McCaw in this game? Another trash game from him
            :'( I actually missed that game! One of the few. But I'll keep an eye on him. Just finished the Kings win on league pass and welllll I barely noticed him? Not sure if that's good or bad.

            To be honest with you sometimes he's hard to notice! With Norm and Kyle doing all the scoring and all. He did hit one three which seemed okay though, honestly that's all I noticed haha