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  • Bosh's Value Tainted by Raptors' Defensive Issues

    I don't necessarily think that the Dino's defensive woes have affected Bosh's value in the league-the entire league knows what he has to offer and that he is a top 5 player. If anything it has cemented his leaving for greener pastures.

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    his defense is shit ...


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      Bosh Defence

      Agreed Bosh has no defense presence himself and he is just to blame as the others on this team.


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        Has he regressed defensively since 2006-2007? Anyway, it appears that when he and Amir are on the floor, our defense is really good:

        Presumably quantitative-minded GMs are aware of this, and recognize that isn't the issue defensively.


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          After All-Star his attitude has been as much a problem, as his defense.
          That said, I don't like that article at all. It sounds like written by a Bull's fan.


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            I think Bosh's defense is better than any other big man on our team. He's not a top-ten defensive big, but he holds is own. IMO, I think that every NBA GM, coach and scout (professional talent evaluators) knows that Bosh is a "good" (3 1/2 star out of 5) defensive player.

            I also think that our defensive woes are caused by our terrible perimeter defense, which is the first point of contact with opposing offenses: Jose's defense is arguably the worst of the 30 other starting PG; Derozan is a rookie who's being asked to guard the best offensive players in the league; Hedo is arguably the most unathletic player on our team; and we have Bargs' who's a poor help defender and a weak rebounder. So when our guards get beat on the perimeter, everyone has to immediately scramble to rotate. But with a slow-footed and Hedo and and a low bball IQ Bargs, paired with a pylon PG and a kid, Bosh would have to be a good as Bill Russell to cover up for the defensive ineptitude that surrounds him.

            Quite frankly, the 4 starters (Jose, DD, Hedo, Bargs) playing with Bosh are the worst defensive players on the team at their positions!!! That's why we always lose the first-quarter.

            Than when Sonny. Antoine and Amir (with either Jack or Jose at PG) come into the game, we've been able to win the 2nd quarters and reduce the deficit to a surmountable number. Than after the half, the starters lose the 3rd quarter that we can't surmount in the 4th.

            Bosh is only 1 of 5 players on defence and the 4 other starters next to Bosh are all bad defenders. If Bosh were playing a team with better defensive players he wouldn't get the flack questioning his leadership.

            We should question BC's or Triano's leadership for surrounding Bosh is the 4 worst defenders at their position (3 when Jack was starting).
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              I think the problem is reality vs desire. Is it BC's fault for not understanding Bosh isn't a great two way player or Bosh's fault for not understanding the major flaw in his game and working at it. Great players minimize thier weaknesses by not just working out, but working at them over the summer.

              The Magic have Dwight who is the bizzaro Bosh in that he is as good defensively as Bosh is offensively and vice versa. Did the Magic surround him with equally minded defensive stalwarts, no he brought in shooters to compensate for Dwights lack of creativity on offense. I don't understand why BC didn't see Bosh as an offensive powerhouse and surround him fast defensive minded perimeter players like Team USA where he thrived as the defensive anchor.


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                how does it 'taint' bosh, at all? big-picture, he's playing with guys with certain, uh, defensive inadequacies. and they're still gonna be a .500 (hopefully +) playoff team.

                'taint' suggests that there won't be as high a demand from potential suitors, or that he (bosh) will be forced to settle for a less-than-max deal, neither of which is true in the remotest.
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                  mo-sales wrote: View Post
                  I don't understand why BC didn't see Bosh as an offensive powerhouse and surround him fast defensive minded perimeter players like Team USA where he thrived as the defensive anchor.
                  wait...let's not get ahead of ourselves. calling bosh a 'defensive anchor' for the olympic team might be a bit of a stretch. he played the role that was best suited for his style of play when you factor in his teammates. he obviously wasn't going to be a go-to offensive player for them; he needed to be a versatile defender. if he'd not accepted that role, he either wouldn't have played or he wouldn't have been on the team. i doubt that bosh playing his raptor role on the olympic team would've flown (unless jerry wanted to do his boy a solid).

                  plus, it's a helluva lot easier to be a 'solid defender' when you look around at your teammates & know that, to a man, they're gonna MAN THE FUCK UP & OWN their individual responsibilities on the defensive end. when you hold each other accountable for doing your job, things get done. when everyone's free to fuck around & no one is held accountable...well, you get the raptors....a bunch of confused role-players playing confused ball for a confused coach & a confused GM.
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                    "At this point, the Raptors have pretty much clinched the Worst Defensive Team in the League title for the 2009-10 season."

                    Sure, the worst - Is someone just trying to upset the Warriors?

                    Really, the Raps are worse than the -10 T-wolves & Nets???

                    Raptors are in the middle at -2, 13th worst in the league. I'm sure no one is bragging.
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