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What did you do with your day today without sports?

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  • Another burner tomorrow 39 with the humidity and then cold for the weekend. wth is going on with this weather?


    • Been a gorgeous weekend so far. Yesterday went for an hour long drive with the windows down and the music blaring.. got a bite to eat at a favourite place of ours (take out of course). Ate in the car.. then drove back home. Spent the afternoon/night outside with a couple of joints and a good conversation. Mosquitoes were at bay too.

      Today spent some time cleaning up our garden area, then swam (more like floated) soaking in the sun light. Going to grab some lunch now.. trying to figure out what we want to do. Might just go somewhere local.

      Definitely going to have the Monday blues however.


      • Got the lawn mowed, lookin' good. Got some fat streaks waiting for the Q. Parsley, cilantro, feta, cherry tomatoes, lettuce cucumber gonna end up in a salad.
        Also grabbed a few Hoptical Illusion from Sobeys.
        Nice Sunday....


        • Was in the office again yesterday, seems like about once every 3 weeks.
          4 of us spread around the boardroom with a dozen on Zoom spread around the country.
          Still very few people in the building but traffic is probably back at 1/2 to 3/4 normal levels, no lineups at the grocery stores etc these days.

          Feels fairly normal again. Still thinking cases are going to spike in July again but not back to former levels hopefully. We're thinking of bringing everyone back slowly over July but I wonder if workplaces are going to frown on Summer holidays when everyone just came back from "3 months off".


          • Canada Day was pretty good all things considered. Weather was awesome, a bit hot but not gonna complain.
            We watched some live music in front of a neighbourhood house that the folks there have been doing every Sunday for months.

            Maybe 30-40 people bring their own chairs and adult beverages and relax socially distanced.

            Took the dogs for a good hike had family in for steaks on the BBQ. Felt like a nice Sunday.

            My vote is still for all Summer holidays to move to the first MONDAY