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Who has the Best Future in the Eastern Conference and who has the Worst?

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    I steadfastly disagree with most posters here. Brooklyn not the worst outlook at all. People saying that are likely those who thought they would miss the playoffs this year, and instead they beat our assess (unfortunately ..)
    - While the dont have a tonne of draft picks (or barely any at all), they still have a bunch of good players (don't forget Brook Lopez injured last year), a rich owner, an attractive location and cap space coming up.
    Worst outlook is probably the Bucks - shit location, no one wants to go there. They have the greek freak and parker .. but nothing else .. and those two are still pretty unproven. Next would be Philly (assets, but MAJOR RISK) and Charlotte imo
    - Best outlook definitely the Cavs .. not even close. Raps would be towards the top, but the big swing factors are TR and JV, both of whom have yet to really play out. If at least one of them doesnt push towards all star status, we arent going anywhere real. If they do, I like our chances.


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      Best: PHI or MIL
      Worst: NY or BOS


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        Best: In the immediate future, the Bulls,Cavs and Wizards. Charlotte looks very promising as well.

        For the long term, I would say that the Raptors, 76ers, Magic, and Bucks(Brandon Knight, Parker, Giannis, John Henson, Colonel Sanders(assuming he doesn't get into trouble)) I'll throw in the Celtics as well.

        Worst: Brooklyn for sure, Miami is in that danger zone as well. At least Miami have draft picks, but they appear to be heading for mediocracy. The Knicks are in for some trouble, but I think that retaining Anthony was huge. Their young players all look promising currently (Tim Hardaway jr, Cleananthony Early, Shane Larkin, and even Shumpert if he can find his offensive touch).

        I also am curious to see how the situation will unfold in Detroit.

        For the immediate future, all of the teams that I mentioned would have long term success will likely be the worst in the conference this season.(other than the Raptors)
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        I know this may be a bit controversial but I think the Raptors have proven that they're the best team in the NBA from Canada
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          best probably boston:
          they got a lot of draft picks in the futre
          they have a lot of expiring contracts
          they have good tradeable assets
          they have a young superstar in rondo
          they have a lot of other young players that are really talented like sullinger, olynyk, smart, young, zeller, etc.

          worst: nets
          they don't have their own draft pthey


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            Best Future is a bit subjective but I think the 76ers have the best future lined up, with the caveat that they get and stay healthy. Noel (knee) and Embiid (foot) have the upside of a Garnett, Olujuwon front court...which is terrifying.

            Worst Future...Brooklyn is in win now mode with declining pieces and health issues. They have also surrendered every pick between now and 2050. Unless the can blow up the roster and get half decent pieces for them...I do not like the future of this team
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