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Unofficial RR basketball tournament

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    mike, prague wrote: View Post
    So e_wheazy_, SuperJudge and Triplethreat89 are you in?

    Date: 27.8.
    Time: Dunno 6 PM?
    Place: Gym of U of T or somewhere outside which I would kind of think is better so that other random people could possibly join in, but there is also the chance that the weather will suck so it's up to you

    Please try to invite your friends if they'd be interested or anthing ... cuz four people is kind of a low number of people to pay for a gym and play ... sucks more RRs didn't join in (shame on them)

    Edit: Of course if your name isn't one of those on the list above feel free to join, just say so ... or contact me at
    Yes I am in
    if we were to rent the u of t court, we will be only renting a half court, not full court
    so we can bring in plenty of random pick up ballers
    price wise, its somewhere around 80 dollars for like 2 hours
    but since we are limited in terms of people, if you guys want, I will just sneak you guys in, so that way we join other people, not the other way around

    when exactly is this btw?


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      Wednesday the 27th of August ... what time would be best for you guys?
      Yeah that sounds good, are you sure other people will be there?
      Think you could post the enterance address?


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        So what's up? Anybody interested?


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          Okay screw it, I'm canceling it ... sorry to all three of you who showed any interest ...