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Steve Nash and the Raptors

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  • Steve Nash and the Raptors

    So as the season progresses more information surfaces about the coming off-season. Now it seems that Amare Stoudamire is leaning towards free agency:

    Click Here for details

    Let's just assume for a minute that Amare longs for a change in scenery and decides he's going to sign elsewhere. The Suns have a choice to make now. Their star PG is aging, their star PF is leaving, rebuild or push on? In the west the best thing to do might be to rebuild. I mean without Stoudamire they would be hard pressed to challenge the likes of the Lakers, Mavs and Nuggets. If they choose to rebuild, who's the first chip on the table? Steve Nash. My question to you is this, would you like to see Steve come home to Canada and finish out his playing career here? If so what do you feel would be required to land the guy?

    Personally, I feel first and foremost if the Raptors have any chance at keeping Bosh they're going to have to make a big impact move in the off-season to show Chris the team is still trying to take a step forward. Landing a guy like Nash would change the whole dynamic of the team. Nash would bring a level of leadership and professionalism never seen on a Raptors squad before. He's is getting old but his level of play has not regressed and neither has his health or durability. I think the twilight of his career is begining to shape up to one similar of John Stockton. John played good ball until the age of 41 before calling it quits. If Nash followed that path he would still have five years left in the tank. Beyond that he's the engine that "Colangelo ball" was built on.

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    what do we do with out point guard Jose and Jack?


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      One of them would be heading to Phoenix in any trade involving Nash. More than likely Jose Calderon. That's my thought anyway.


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        If Stoudamire were to leave and sign in NY, there is more of a chance that Nash goes there. He lives there in the off season, old coach, pieces/expiring contracts (eg. Douglas Toney, Curry).


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          Love Nash, would fully support him coming to Tdot for it would make the raps exponentially more fun to watch. Doesn't make us better at all or address any of our weaknesses.

          Smells more like the Hakeem signing years back in that it is made to address legitimacy issues and not basketball ones.


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            It shores up some leadership issues. It would also be a good move in selling another contract on Chris Bosh. Steve Nash manning the point is a big upgrade over Jack or Calderon.


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              Is it really that big an upgrade?

              Nash's numbers declined last year with regression towards the slow down half court system. He is already in the traditional sense way past his prime and eventually has to slow down. The suns training stuff are hiding the fountain of youth and I fear any of these older guys who leave are poised for a major breakdown.

              The the east is filled with penetrating point guards in Rondo, Nelson, JJ, Jennings and Rose. As much fun as it would be to have Nash on the squad, I see it as more a sideways move then forward or backward.


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                Nash has his team playing at a level that no one thought they could reach this year. He is having one of the best seasons of his career. It's obvious that he will slow down but his ball IQ and skillset will allow him to play another five season if he wants to, just like Stockton. Speaking of Stockton, Nash is blowing away Stockton's mid 30's numbers with 17PPG, 11 ast, 51%FG, 93% FT. Nash is a big step forward. He's not long term in the sense of the PG of the next decade for the Raptors but neither was/is Alvin Williams, Rafer Alston, Mike James, Jose Calderon or Jarret Jack. If he was here you would know he would leave it all on the court each and every night and that's far more than you can say about anyone currently on the Raptors in a key role.


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                  Nash is unique in the NBA that is for sure, but he's 36 with a ton of mileage and a bad back. He's most efficient in a high octane, fast break oriented offense. When he is running that, there might be no one better in history. Outside of that, he becomes an above average guard who is as good as shooter as he is a defender.

                  I'm kind of terrified what would happen if you pair Nash with Hedo and Bargs and force them to run up and down the court for 33 minutes a game. Maybe it forces them to get in shape, but most likely we end up watching them straddle half court for games on end. The nutrition regiment that Nash uses would actually almost be worth it he could convert Bargs and Turk.

                  If the raps go in a different direction and bring Nash in to lead Derozan, Weems and Amir, well then becomes the most exciting team in franchise history. Alley oops from every spot on the floor, countless fast breaks with Amir finishing and the ideal PG to lead the young guns from making the leap from status quo to status whoa.

                  As a raps fan I would sign off on the move, but it seems to be in the similar vein of bringing in a big name and not necessarily addresses the issues that continue to plague this team.


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                    The Suns run the floor and do a lot of stop and pop. When Colangelo first entered Toronto he tried to get Sam in bring that system in but at the time he found that they didn't have enough really good shooters to pull it off. This current squad is loaded with shooters. I think both Hedo and Bargnani would be good in the full court system if they had Nash pushing the ball and feeding them with open jump shots all night. Looking beyond them, guys like DeMar, Sonny and Amir would thrive in that system. They would get rewarded far more for cutting to the basket and as I said Hedo and Bargnani would get their open looks. It would be some really exciting ball.


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                      Couldn't agree more, but there is nothing wrong with the raptors offense. It is already efficient, effective and can go inside or out.

                      Defense is the only area that the team should address during the off season. Nash makes exciting, obviously, but were still a middling seed in the East. Hooray


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                        I disagree. Faster strikes, more time to get back and set. I think the defense might actually improve some. Nash is a lot better defender than Jose Calderon. Nash is a better leader than anyone on the team. If you had two guys on the floor holding people accountable watch out.


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                          Nash would be great here. Might make our defense worse, but his ability on offence makes up for it.
                          "Don't expect anything unless you give everything."


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                            Getting little carried away here aren't we? Both Jose and Nash are terrible defensive pg's. Nash is better in that he gets to his spots and has a higher IQ for passing lanes and taking charges, but I don't think it adds up to much of a difference. If anything Jose is better laterally and neither of them can keep thier man in front of them.

                            I agree about the leadership. This would instantly become his team and I think a lot of the guys would develop better diets, fitness regiments and become more cohesive as a team. That still only marginally affects having three slow white guys who can't guard thier man one on one or rotate to help the other.

                            I think Nash makes a big difference if Turk or Bargs gets shipped out. Turk makes more sense because Nash needs the ball in his hands to be effective, while Turk merely thinks ball is good.


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                              mo-sales wrote: View Post
                              Getting little carried away here aren't we? Both Jose and Nash are terrible defensive pg's. Nash is better in that he gets to his spots and has a higher IQ for passing lanes and taking charges, but I don't think it adds up to much of a difference. If anything Jose is better laterally and neither of them can keep thier man in front of them.
                              No, Jose is one of the most horrible defenders in the entire league. Nash is mediocre. Mediocre is an upgrade to Jose Calderon.